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Why upgrade to LinkedIn Premium?


Linkedin Premium cost
Sales and Marketing
Since its launch in 2003, LinkedIn has changed the way that we connect professionally. Today, it’s the ultimate environment for Sales and Recruitment people to target their respective audiences. And, with 238 million members in over 200 countries, there is no better place to showcase your talent and connect with like-minded individuals. Premium LinkedIn accounts have been developed to empower Sales Professionals and give them the necessary tools to take advantage of this unique network. Here’s a break down of the most popular features at Ebsta and I ask the question, is  LinkedIn Premium cost effective?


InMail lets you send a message to anyone on the LinkedIn network, regardless of whether they’re a connection or not. The number of InMails you can send per month is limited dependant on your particular subscription, but LinkedIn does offer a guaranteed response (if you don’t get a response within 7 days, your InMail credit is refunded). It’s often difficult to communicate and build a relationship with cold prospects, so InMail gets a big thumbs up!

More search results and filters

I’ve already mentioned that there are upwards of 238 million users on LinkedIn, which can make it tricky to identify prospects and accounts within your target segments. One major benefit of your Premium LinkedIn account is the Advanced Search Filters, which are as follows:
  • Members of a particular group
  • Job function
  • Number of years’ experience
  • Seniority level
  • Interested in (based on information users provide when they sign up)
  • Company size
  • Fortune (i.e. Fortune 50, Fortune 500 and so on)
  • When joined
As an example, Ebsta find being able to search for senior decision makers in particular LinkedIn groups very powerful. Remember, it’s not uncommon for your competition or niche industries to have dedicated groups. In addition to the filters, you benefit from getting more search results and the ability to view full profiles of people outside your network. This is particularly useful when you think about the limits you have with InMails. You don’t want to waste a credit contacting someone who’s not a decision maker, or influencer, because you’ve made an assumption based solely on a job title.

Who’s viewed your profile?

The ‘Who’s viewed your profile’ feature is unrestricted for those with Premium LinkedIn accounts, and that’s coupled with functionality that can help you optimise your profile. For instance, LinkedIn provides you with a list of terms that people have searched for when clicking through to view your profile (as well as the industry they’re based in and their location). Being savvy, you can use this information to optimise your profile so that you appear in more relevant and targeted search results. These LinkedIn Premium features make you aware of the activity around your profile and the traffic you attract. It’s almost like a micro Google Analytics for your LinkedIn traffic – except this allows you to see the exact person that’s looking at you!

In summary

There is no denying that you get an awful lot of functionality with a Basic LinkedIn account. But, even then, you have to remember that everyone has access to the same level of functionality as you. Whilst businesses have always paid for access to data sites, like Jigsaw and, and bought lists from unverified sources, there seems to be a stigma around purchasing Premium LinkedIn accounts due to the fact that you’re able to use LinkedIn for free. I believe the benefits of Premium LinkedIn accounts far outweigh the investment required. But, despite saying that, you do need to be socially astute and know the rules of the game. LinkedIn is not a network for spamming and it requires a considerable amount of effort to be recognised as a high worth LinkedIn member. However, if you’re prepared to do the groundwork, a Premium LinkedIn account can open the door to a whole host of new opportunities and get you the best view of the world’s premier professional network.

A Helpful Tip…

When we started using LinkedIn Premium at Ebsta, we let each sales person purchase their own account and expense it back to the company. We later learned that you can subscribe to a corporate offering where you get the following benefits:
  • Invoiced as an organization
  • CRM integration with SalesForce
  • Pricing – Corporate packages are 25% cheaper than purchasing month on month online.
  • Full visibility of account usage – visibility of how each member of your team are using their accounts. Get a clear sense of the ROI.
  • Account Management and Training (there’s a minimum spend for this part)

Ricky Wheeler

Ricky Wheeler is CMO at Ebsta, responsible for all aspects of Brand, Product and Communications.

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