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Salesforce London’s Calling from a Sponsor’s Perspective


The idea that European Salesforce MVP’s (the people that Salesforce agrees are Salesforce Gurus) could host an event in London began at Dreamforce ’15. They wanted it to offer the same level of education and inspiration as the inaugural mega-event to their local, growing Salesforce community. Within a few short weeks, the European salesforce ecosystem was buzzing with anticipation as plans for the first major European Admin community event unfolded. It was a no-brainer for Ebsta to support it.


Fast forward 3 months to this late Friday evening where you’ll find me sitting on a train home, ready to tell you all about the whole event from a ‘sponsor’s perspective’.

Calibre of Attendees

Salesforce as we all know is a marketing powerhouse, but for vendors this can pose challenges. For instance, when meeting prospects at a Salesforce World Tour, it’s often the case that the people you speak to are considering moving to Salesforce or are in the early stages of implementation. This generally results in two things:
  1. Our Sales and Client Success team spend heaps of time educating prospects on the features and functionality within Salesforce itself
  2. The pipeline generated from event sponsorship is entirely long game and incredibly hard to manage and maintain
This is exactly why London’s Calling was refreshing. When you speak to people that know their business, know their Salesforce instance, and frankly know their challenges, the opportunity is binary – there either is, or isn’t a need for your service.

Calibre of Content

Whenever you sponsor an event, you get a certain amount of attendee passes. We couldn’t help but buy more. The surprising thing is, we didn’t buy them for Sales or Marketing, we wanted our Developers to attend. The speaker selection and content at London’s Calling was impressive and not for the faint hearted. From Test Driven Development in Apex to Building a Web Application with Google Places API 7 Lightning Connect, there was an array of serious topic discussions on offer for every delegate.

Expert Help

Much like a builder never has time to decorate his own home, we, the often ‘Salesforce experts’ have been guilty of overlooking internal Salesforce processes in favour of pushing out products. Whilst great from a client perspective, I’d be lying if I said the sales team didn’t have to jump through certain hoops in their day to day operations. At the ‘Ask and Expert’ table I was able to sit down with Chris Edwards (Salesforce MVP) and relay our issues and challenges. Step by step Chris walked me through practical steps to overcome our challenges and (after 35 minutes) I walked away with a solution that our tech team can implement next week. So ask yourself “How much would it cost to speak to someone who truly understands your business and could provide a concrete solution, on the spot, that solved 90% of your Salesforce challenges?”. The ‘Ask the Expert’ table was running all day, and for many (like me) it will have paid for the ticket price many times over.

Fantastic Venue

Having to been to many previous Salesforce events, most notably Dreamforce, I didn’t know what the London’s Calling venue would be like. It was a pleasant surprise when I arrived to find a very ‘techie’ venue with code-named rooms like ‘ALT’ and ‘CTRL’ and a beautifully urban feel that put us into a distinctly ‘London’ world. It was an even greater surprise when I had time to fully utilise the table tennis and foosball table (and of course, win!) on offer.

To Summarise

I can speak on behalf of the whole Ebsta team in attendance and say that we thoroughly loved our experience at London’s Calling. We heard whispers that there will be another next year and we already can’t wait to see you there! See how we can solve your biggest Salesforce challenges with Ebsta Enterprise

Ricky Wheeler

Ricky Wheeler is CMO at Ebsta, responsible for all aspects of Brand, Product and Communications.

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