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Maximizing the Capability of your CRM Service


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“It’s easy to blame other factors, when the problem is actually the user…” At the end of last year, Gene Marks, of Forbes, wrote an article titled, “What Won’t Tell You”. Marks attributed  maximizing your CRM service down to user dissatisfaction to a lack of product knowledge rather than the software itself.

Today’s systems are so highly developed, and offer so much capability, that they can seem overwhelming at first. In reality though, a little practice goes a long way in making the system enjoyable and worthwhile to use.

Marks offers three suggestions to maximize the capability of your CRM service:

  • Use reports and take full advantage of them. These reports are essential to track the status of your business.
  • Get an administrator. Designate a person whose sole purpose is to know the CRM inside and out. This administrator will train employees and resolve any issues.
  • Use the CRM or lose your job. All relevant employees must be willing to use the system or else it’s not effective.
Just on that last point – while some employees find entering data into the CRM to be tedious and time consuming, applications like Ebsta so simplify the process. This ease of use encourages more employees to use the system and with more people accurately inputting data, the end result is increased sales. To compliment Gene I’ve got some tips myself for all Salesforce users:
  • Use Chatter
  • Use Chatter in Ebsta
  • Use Chatter Mobile
Mark my words when I say Chatter is going to change the CRM space.  It’s already made a huge impact here at Ebsta, it won’t be long before I write a post about that.   Here’s a link to the original article:

Ricky Wheeler

Ricky Wheeler is CMO at Ebsta, responsible for all aspects of Brand, Product and Communications.

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