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Get That Festive Feeling with Our Must-Have Gadgets for a Very Techy Xmas


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With Christmas fast approaching, we’ve picked our names for Secret Santa and we’re ready to hit the shops for all the latest must-haves in the land of tech. To help out our fellow millenials, we’ve compiled a list of the coolest gadgets on the market so you can have a very Techy Christmas:

Smarter Wi-Fi Coffee Machine

We love our coffee. In fact, cutting back on the caffeine is on a few of our new year’s resolution lists but with this latest creation, it’s going to be even harder. Combining our two favourite things, coffee and tech, this Wi-Fi coffee machine does exactly what it says on the label. You can use the app to set it to make a hot cup of the good stuff right from your phone. There may no longer be a need for the retro office kettle come 2016. coffee 123

Apple Watch

The new world of technology is all about ease of use and convenience and the Apple Watch gives you that in abundance. Whether you’re an Apple fan or not, you can’t help but feel a little excited at the prospect of having a watch that makes phone calls, shows your email, plays music, tracks your daily activity and allows you to pay for items with the click of a button. Who knew that telling the time could be so much fun? apple 123


The Monorovers craze has literally swept the world off its feet. We no longer have to travel by foot like our old pre-Monorover selves but we can cruise from one side of the office to the other like the ultimate crazy kid. As addictive as they are fun, this must-have will have its recipients on board in less than a minute flat. monorover 111

Fitbit Surge

For people that enjoy exercise, the Fitbit Surge is a helpful wearable that has GPS tracking as well the ability to record your activity. It displays your heart rate, notifies you of calls and texts and allows you to control songs from your playlist. We enjoy keeping healthy so we’ll be running through the streets of Central London rocking one of these post-Christmas! fitbit 333


This portable Bluetooth speaker is the perfect gift for those that like getting down to the classic Christmas jams in the festive season. It comes in a range of different colours and allows you to answer calls with the tap of a button which means you won’t be missing any important phone calls when singing along to I Wish it Could Be Christmas Everyday (which is definitely in our Ebsta Christmas top ten!). Definite win. blufiniti 444 These are just some of the must-have gadgets on the market for Christmas 2015. There are hundreds more exciting must-haves but we only have 2 weeks before Christmas and time is ticking by. Have a very happy Christmas from everyone here at Ebsta.  

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