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My First Salesforce World Tour


As soon as I walked through the bustling ExCel centre, I knew I was in a tech paradise. Surrounded by demos, talks and fab swag, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of excitement over what the day would entail. I quickly discovered that Salesforce knows how to throw one hell of an event. From the incredible food to the inspiring talks, I can definitely say that my first World Tour was one to remember.


keynote-salesforce Before attending the Keynote, I was convinced that it would be like every other sleep-inducing tech talk (I was so wrong). I walked into this momentous conference room, only to find that I had stumbled into what felt like Salesforce’s equivalent to a concert. As opposed to your standard conference setting, Salesforce once again went the extra mile by going for the arena approach at the Keynote. Why’s this? Well, by having us all huddled around the stage, Salesforce aimed to create a family feel around a metaphorical campfire. The word ‘Ohana’ was regularly mentioned, and I quickly came to understand why it’s such a key theme in the Salesforce community. The Keynote began not only by thanking the partners for being part of the community, but by also giving a special congratulation to the local MVPs. The captivating talks by Simon Mulcahy, Nina Bhatia and Oliver Lee OBE really drew me in and I’m now more excited than ever before to see how Salesforce will grow in the future.

Customer Success Expo

ebsta-team-worldtourIn the time between entering the venue and watching the Keynote, the number of attendees in the Success Expo somehow managed to triple in size. It was incredible to see the people behind the apps that I constantly use in the flesh. The Expo really gave me a chance to network, speak to prospects and get some amazing swag. I’d been told previously that the Customer Success Expo was the heart of the World Tour but I didn’t expect the experience to be quite so electrifying. After I had experienced my fair share of networking and swag collecting, I returned to the Ebsta stand and was shocked to see the flock of attendees surrounding our booth (I guess word spread out pretty quickly that we were giving out fidget spinners!). It was lovely seeing our clients rave about how often they use our product and how our Salesforce Activity Logging has saved their companies thousands of pounds in storage costs.

Step Forward

It’s no secret that one of Salesforce’s main values is to give back to the community and by partnering with The Challenge, Salesforce has done exactly that. Step Forward is a one year apprenticeship scheme run by The Challenge which connects able 17-20 year olds with top employers all across London. As a current Step Forward apprentice, I felt it was only right to help out. Step Forward is an incredible programme, the only problem is that there aren’t enough quality companies that are willing to give apprentices a try. I was able to have a chat with some employers, discuss my experience with Step Forward and get a few attendees to pledge to interview an apprentice. Just sign up here, if you would also like to take the pledge!



After spending some time recruiting potential employers for next year’s batch of apprentices, I decided to devote ten minutes to Trailhead. One hour later, I was still glued to my screen. I had many expectations of Trailhead but I definitely did not expect it to be quite so addictive. With every badge, I only wanted to win more, and I soon found myself learning all types of crazy skills from app development to Heda Data Management. The best part of it all? I could win awesome prizes, while learning how to use Salesforce (win-win!). From Trailhead testing to Keynote watching, I can assure you that I had the best experience at the World Tour and I can’t wait to return!


Hiya! I’m Dayo, the Marketing Communications Assistant at Ebsta. I’m a keen tweeter and blogger who you’ll probably find writing about anything Salesforce related.