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Build Your Network at Dreamforce


Come September 15th, there will be no better place on earth to network than Dreamforce. With over one hundred thousand people mixing together to create one giant tech buzz, there’s a freefall of companies that you can meet and greet. Take advantage of this once a year opportunity with the best way to network at Dreamforce.

Look Your Best

Although it’s a three-day event, this doesn’t mean you can roll out of the hotel in your pyjamas and slippers. Dress to impress because you want to be remembered for all the right reasons.

Bring Your ‘A’ Game

Be confident, approachable and happy. You’re in the San Francisco sunshine lapping up all the latest in innovative technology whilst slugging endless cups of coffee. You should be ready and willing to speak to everyone.

Aim and Approach

If you’ve prepared well, you’ll know the questions you need answers to and the problems you need solving. Spot the people that might be able to do both of these and approach them with an open mind. If your main aim is to sell, approach in a way that suggests you are not there solely to get them on board. It’s also a great opportunity for you to approach people without an agenda. Everyone is there for interesting reasons so feel free to lose yourself in the babble of the CRM world.

Normal Rules Apply

In every day life, you will introduce yourself, shake hands and move forward with conversation. These rules apply here too. Ask them questions, get to know them and their company and most importantly, listen to what they’re saying to you. Zoning out will be a massive waste of your time.

Bring Out the Business Cards

Swapping business cards at the end of the conversation will only tell you half the story. When you walk away, jot down any relevant information that will help you follow up with the person later – who they are, what they spoke about and where you spoke to them. Trust us, you’ll be taking so much in that your memory will need the extra help. There are multiple opportunities for you to network at Dreamforce but as an added extra, be an early bird and go to the breakfast meetings. You can discuss your latest product/service over a croissant or two. Networking is a way of you getting yourself out there and making your company known whilst you celebrate Salesforce success. Utilise this chance and be a networking genius. Be sure to test out these networking tips when meeting with our Ebsta team at Dreamforce! To book a meeting, go to now.

Katrina Holmes

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