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New from Ebsta: The Ebsta Growth Plan


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Christmas is not the only thing that makes this the most wonderful time of the year – we’re excited to announce the official launch of our Growth Plan!

What Do I Get in the Growth Plan?

Users get everything in the Growth plan that’s in the Essential plan, including: the Chrome extension which gives you a pocket-sized Salesforce wherever you work, Salesforce and LinkedIn integration, the ability to view and edit records, one-click add emails to Salesforce and contact import. But that’s not the best part. We’ve been working to make our Growth plan an even bigger asset to your team and trust us when we say, Santa really has delivered early.

New Ebsta Growth Features

Send Later Email Scheduling

You’re working in a different time zone to your prospects, but you want to have an email right at the top of their inbox when they wake up in the morning. How do you do it? Thousands of emails are sent overnight and there’s a high chance that your competitors could get there before you. However, staying up until the early hours is counter-productive, especially when you need to be on your A-game the following day. That’s exactly why you should use Send Later Email Scheduling. With the simple click of a button, Ebsta allows you to schedule your emails to the exact time you want them delivered, so they’re the first thing your prospects see in the morning. Better still, you can schedule team reminders or a follow-up email to a sales call you had earlier in the day. This eliminates the risk of forgetting to chase up post-call and ultimately, missing out on an opportunity. Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 09.57.14

Email Tracking Reporting

Your average Sales Rep sends hundreds of emails a day but unfortunately, 81% of them claim to have minimal insight into the success of those emails. There are 3 key insights that would have a positive impact on their Sales performance:
  1. Was the email opened?
  2. What time was the email opened?
  3. Did the Prospect click any links within the email? i.e. a pricing page or discount link
Ebsta’s Email Tracking Reporting shows you which emails are opened so you can identify which subject lines have the highest open-rate, and consequently, which have the lowest. Ebsta gives your team the insight they need to make positive changes to their emails month on month by using the techniques proven to be successful. Tracking-Analysis It even shows you what time an email was opened, so you can then use the Send Later Email Scheduling tool to set up your emails for the optimal time prospects are likely to open them. This also gives you the chance to identify when a prospect is most likely to be at their desk and available to take your call, so you can plan and schedule your time more effectively.

5-Minute Calendar Sync

It’s inevitable that you will have a number of meetings and calls booked into your Gmail calendar, but having to manually add them into your Salesforce calendar is an unnecessary chore for your average Salesforce User, especially when they could be hitting the phones and making a sale. In the Growth Plan, Ebsta’s Calendar Sync syncs your Gmail and Salesforce calendars within 5 minutes, so you have everything collated in both calendars. Maintain all events, meetings and recurring events in a consistently accurate and up-to-date calendar, and track all meetings and events in Salesforce. Better still, you can access all of this information on the move, as it’s fully compatible with any device. Calendar Sync

Coming Soon

And if all of that wasn’t enough, we have huge plans to set your sales soaring with our new releases for the Growth Plan in Q1 of 2017:

Meeting Scheduler

Getting a meeting in the diary is one of the most important stages of qualifying your Leads, so make this easier by allowing people to select a meeting time that works best for them. This way, you save time negotiating when both parties are free over the phone, and just get a date in the diary. Not only that, but all confirmed meetings/events are then automatically synced right back to Salesforce, so your calendar is consistently accurate.

Email Drip Campaigns

Sending a series of emails can be notoriously difficult, because there are so many different factors to take into consideration when setting up. Ebsta eliminates this complication with the Email Drip Campaigns feature. With the ability to set up sequences of emails to send to your prospects at specific intervals, and set tasks or events in Salesforce as part of your sequences, you have a clean, precise and accurate process that sends the emails exactly when you need them sent. Best of all, it doesn’t require constant attention – leaving you to do what you do best.

Follow Up Reminders

Research shows that 63% of Sales Reps forget to follow up with a prospect after engaging in a call, which results in loss of revenue – big mistake. Ebsta removes this risk by allowing Users to set follow-up reminders with prospects so they are always continuing the sales journey post-call. With a simple click of a button, Users will later be alerted as to when they are due to send a follow-up email or make a follow-up call and they can efficiently schedule that into their day. With all of this functionality right at your fingertips, it’s almost impossible not to reach for the ‘Purchase Growth Plan’ button – especially when every feature is there to make Salesforce even more user-friendly.  To entice you just that little bit more to upgrade, we’re offering a 20% discount if purchased before November 30th if you use this code: Growth20ab1  The Growth Plan follows the recent change to our commercial model which has resulted in the end of our free licences. To find out more, see here.

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