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Welcome to a New Era of Salesforce Email Integration


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CRM is at the centre of businesses across the globe yet vital customer/prospect data is left to stagnate. Here at Ebsta, we wanted to ensure that data is kept up to date and accurate and that’s why we built tools to help Users easily update Salesforce. With 35,000 Users now utilizing our Salesforce integrations, we have come to accept that Users’ main focus is not to update Salesforce but is to complete their job in hand regardless of what tools are on offer to them. This spurred us on to create a tool that will change Salesforce forever. It unlocks user’s mailboxes to give you 100% visibility into contacts and emails. You can determine the velocity of business relationships with customers/prospects and determine user behaviour.

Ensure CRM success

According to Forrester Research, a refusal to adopt CRM is a massive problem for businesses. The firm estimates that up to 70 percent of CRM implementations fail for this reason alone. Now imagine every Account, Contact, Lead and Opportunity in Salesforce not only has every email and business contact held against it automatically but also contains links to the Social Profiles, shows missing telephone and cell numbers for contacts and shows Opportunities and Customer accounts that are at risk.

Current statistics

Our research found that currently over 90% of business emails are still not recorded in Salesforce, over 80% of business contacts are still locked away in users’ mailboxes, and over 70% of the contact records that have made it into Salesforce are either incomplete or out of date. We set out to change this with Ebsta Enterprise. We wanted to deliver a tool that worked with every mail client (Gmail, Exchange, O365, Lotus, Apple mail, etc), and allowed users to send and receive emails on any device without worrying about adding emails to Salesforce or manually creating or updating contact records. The good news is companies already have all the information they need to maintain their CRM in their business, it’s just in the wrong place. If we could extract the valuable knowledge in users’ mailboxes and use it to maintain the CRM over time, we could take the manual element out of the process once and for all. With no better place to find rich and accurate prospect and customer data, any battle with user adoption will evaporate.

Help your Managers to be more effective

By eliminating manual contact management and activity logging, your Managers can start focusing on the things that matter. Whether that’s monitoring Accounts and Opportunities at risk via Salesforce Dashboards or making faster decisions because they are no longer waiting on a deal status update, Ebsta ensures data quality and data access is never the limiting factor for success.

Wave goodbye to data loss

Our new product works on a per mailbox model so you can connect multiple mailboxes to your Salesforce Org. You don’t have to purchase additional Salesforce licenses for those that don’t already have one, we’ve made sure that you can display all email correspondence and business contacts from other teams inside Salesforce. We understand that when someone leaves a business, their business email account can still hold vital contact information so our tool works the same for people that have left your company if their email account is still live.

Tried and tested

We tested our Beta version of Ebsta Enterprise with over 40 companies and found that:
  • Salesforce Admins loved it because they finally had confidence that Salesforce contact and account records were being maintained over time
  • Sales people loved that they no longer needed to manually add emails or contacts to Salesforce
  • Sales Managers loved it because they could report in confidence on activity levels on live opportunities
  • Marketers loved it because they knew every relevant contact in the business was in Salesforce with the latest available contact details
  • C Level Executives loved it because Salesforce usage would increase, leading to the ROI they signed up for when they originally decided to move to Salesforce
I hope you enjoy our latest creation. I welcome all feedback on our products so feel free to reach out to me directly with your thoughts.

Guy Rubin

Guy Rubin is the CEO and Founder of Ebsta. Guy comes from a recruitment tech background where he was the Co-Founder of VC backed tech startup, iProfile. He wanted to solve the big data quality issue and has achieved this with Ebsta.

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