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A Prospect In 2015 Is…


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2015 is under way, the chase to achieve our goals and beat last year’s records has begun. You’ve had 20 days so far and it’s going great? Or maybe it isn’t. Perhaps you’re having a bit of a Christmas hangover and 2015 hasn’t quite kicked off the way you wanted it to. Those sales techniques worked  so well last year but they’re a bit stale now and that’s because your prospects have changed. So with that in mind here are 3 things to bare in mind for 2015. Here are three things a prospect in 2015 is.

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We shouldn’t need to tell you that your online presence is important. Whether it’s a personal Linkedin business Facebook or company website a prospect has the skills to be clued up on you. They know your competitors, they know the industry standards and they know more than you think. Make sure your sales pitch is honest and always be mindful of your online presence. If it’s out of date then update it. Last but not least, use your CRM, there’s not much worse than trying to sell to someone who is more clued up that you!


Being fast is everything to a prospect in 2015. It is estimated that a load time of 1 second or more could cost Amazon $1.6 billion in sales. Lengthy installations and confusing workflows are a thing of the past. If your solution isn’t super fast it isn’t worth anything, speed sells.


noun_29136_ccConsumers have never had so many places to voice their opinion. Whether they are reviewing cinemas on Facebook or calling for a rescue on Twitter, in just a few minutes they can reach millions. Always have respect for your prospects because they might just bite back. In fact 48% of consumers think that posts created by others in their network are a great way to discover new products. 2015 shows no signs of slowing down for social media so make sure you’re making the right impression. Here at Ebsta we’re always looking forward, whether it’s putting CRM inside your workflow or just sharing some quick tips. Check out some of the other Ebsta blogs or our Slideshare page to see how we do this and if you find any of these tips helpful please let us know.  

Dominik Kondziela

As part of the marketing team at Ebsta, I help write and publish our online content. From Slideshares to blog posts and tweets, we share our wide knowledge in CRM adoption and sales productivity.

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