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How to Regain the Power Over Your Salesforce Org


Salesforce Admin Tips
You don’t need to read a Salesforce report to know that it’s notoriously hard to understand Users’ behaviour. Sure, you can report on usage within your own company but what about on a grander scale – what are the majority doing to increase the ROI of the platform?

In early 2017, we published our annual Salesforce Usage Report that aims to identify the key trends and behaviours of the ‘average Salesforce User’. Compared to our previous report, the dominant differences highlighted the impact that Salesforce Administrators have on an organisation. For example, we found that companies with a Salesforce Administrator are 5x more likely to accurately predict close rates – big win. But Sales teams have far bigger challenges.

Biggest Salesforce Challenges

The biggest Salesforce challenges are undoubtedly made easier by the Salesforce Administrator. From system integrations to user adoption, Salesforce Administrators seem to have had a positive impact across the board, albeit unable to eliminate the challenges completely.

70% of respondents claimed that data quality is their biggest Salesforce challenge. With the dependency on good quality data so great, multiple teams are currently coming up against out-of-date and inaccurate information which, our customers have claimed, has a deeper effect on productivity.

However, there is such a thing, it seems, as ‘data happiness’ and this is reliant on good quality data across your Salesforce Org. When a User is confronted with inaccurate or duplicate information, they’re less inclined to continue to adopt Salesforce. And you can’t blame them, it’s no fun constantly knocking on a door only to find that you’ve been knocking on the wrong one for the past 6 months.

“With over 70% citing data as being one of their biggest challenges, good quality data is more important than ever before! To take full advantage of all of Salesforce’s new features, now is the time to make data a priority.” Jodi Wagner

The Use of Trailhead

Salesforce Administrators success is inevitably helped by Salesforce’s free learning resource – Trailhead. Launched at Dreamforce 2014, Trailhead has gripped Salesforce Users across the globe, so much so that its fan-base is now known as the ‘Trailblazers’.

It’s therefore, unsurprising that 89% of Salesforce Administrators surveyed are actively using Trailhead and of those, 86% are using it with the expectation of earning a higher salary this year.

“This survey nicely shows how adoption and automation remain important challenges.

In order to get on top of these continuous hurdles, a full-time Salesforce Administrator is indeed an important asset with good knowledge of the tailored Salesforce org, business processes, company culture and structure.

The relation between Salesforce Trailhead and expected salary increase is not surprising either as it helps to grow multidisciplinary skills and helps to obtain and maintain specific Salesforce certifications. Trailhead is an attractive gamifying learning resource generating proof of acquired knowledge through completed module badges which can even be showcased on LinkedIn.” Oliver Hansen 

Salesforce Administrators and the AppExchange

The AppExchange is much like a virtual online shopping mall – you can turn up with a lengthy shopping list and have access to almost everything you’re looking for. And even more so, you have the ability to ‘try before you buy’ without having to queue or whip into a bustling changing room.

Our Salesforce Usage Report found that 90% of respondents are using more than 5 AppExchange applications and 75% of Salesforce Administrators have trialled more than 10 AppExchange applications.

“It is great to see that so many people are using 5+ apps and trialling 10+ apps! I use the AppExchange every week, sometimes daily. The best piece of advice I can ever give a Salesforce Admin/Consultant is ‘when you get a new requirement, before you start creating something new, visit the AppExchange and see if someone has built it already!’ With 4.5 million installs and rising, I think the 2018 Ebsta report will show a new 25+ bracket, And it won’t just be for me!” Phil Walton

Whether it’s navigating the AppExchange or arming your Sales team with the insight into the close rates that they crave, our 2017 Salesforce Usage Report demonstrates the importance of having a Salesforce Administrator.

Download the full Salesforce Usage Report here.

If you want to find out more about ‘data happiness’ and how you can ensure you don’t have duplicate records, download this Ebook from our friends over at Duplicate Check.

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