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New Feature for Our Chrome Tool – Hello Contact Sync


Product News
We have an exciting new update to our Chrome tool that offers users the ability to sync their Salesforce Contacts to Google and create Google Contacts. This update has been fuelled by client feedback so a huge thank you to everyone that reached out and highlighted the changes they require! We always aim to deliver so if you have any other feedback, please do contact our Product Manager! Here are some Use Cases:

Suggested email addresses for Salesforce Contacts in Gmail

Ebsta will sync your Salesforce Contacts to Google and create Google Contacts. As a result, when you begin typing an email to a Salesforce Contact, Gmail will immediately auto-fill the name and email for the Contact.   Contact-Sync-Ebsta

Sync your Salesforce Contacts to your iPhone, iPad and Android

Ebsta will sync your Salesforce Contacts to Google and create Google Contacts. You can then sync your Google Contacts to your mobile device.  

Getting Started with Ebsta’s Contact Sync

  1. Open the Ebsta bubble, click on the Settings (cog) icon in the bottom right hand corner and click Google Contact Sync. Ebsta will redirect to a Setup window.


2. Click Contact Sync Settings


3. Ebsta will give you the option to sync Contacts shown in your Salesforce Contact List View.

Click Start Sync to setup your Ebsta Contact sync for your chosen Salesforce Contact List View.

Note: You can run as many sync processes as you wish. Click + Create New List if you wish to create a new Salesforce Contact List View.


4. Choose the Salesforce fields you wish to sync to Google Contact fields, then click Preview Settings.


5. Review Ebsta’s preview of the Contacts that will sync and then click Confirm Settings to start Ebsta’s Contact Sync.


6. Ebsta will then begin syncing Contacts from your chosen Salesforce Contact List View to Google. Ebsta will continue to sync your Salesforce Contacts once ever hour.


Access your Salesforce Contacts in Google
  1. Login to your Gmail account, click on Gmail/Mail in the top left hand corner and then select Contacts.

2. Select Groups.


3. Ebsta will create a Google Contact Group for each of your Salesforce Contact List View. Select the appropriate Google Group to then see your Salesforce Contacts in Google.


Daniel Remedios

I'm the Senior Product Manager at Ebsta responsible for product strategy, and overseeing Customer Success. I'm always interested in getting feedback from our users, so feel free to email me on with your comments.

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