Revenue Projection

Product Release: Revenue Projection

Achieving a high level of forecasting accuracy relies on having a healthy feed of data fuelling forecast commits. It’s all too common for businesses to lack this core foundation, leading to a lack of insight and a drought of information which frequently leads to inaccurate forecasting. Unhealthy forecasts lead to poor revenue projections which create a myriad of problems for leaders.

We have introduced Revenue Projection to our platform as part of a series of updates to surface healthy data to sales teams to make better, data-driven decisions. This considers deals that are the most likely to close and provides an estimated revenue figure based on the deals soon to close in your pipeline.

Revenue projection is integrated into your pipeline overview to deliver instant insight into what that figure looks like the moment you enter the platform. In addition, projected amounts are also calculated on an opportunity basis to provide visibility of what this looks like when reviewing your pipeline.

How does it help?

Sales leaders can use revenue projection to gain a clear perspective on what their projected revenue should look like, which can then be compared with the commit and best-case scenarios submitted by their teams and reps. This offers a vital insight when submitting forecasts as it enables them to hone in on which submissions have harmed forecasting accuracy in order to implement improvements for future quarters.

When used in tandem with deal score, leaders are now empowered to begin making more decisions based on the data stored in their CRM. Revenue Projection is available to use now in Ebsta’s Revenue Intelligence Platform for the following subscribers;

  • Professional
  • Ultimate

Ready to start improving the accuracy of your forecasts? You can get connected and up and running with Ebsta today.

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