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Sales Automation For Beginners


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In previous posts on the Ebsta blog we have explored a few industry related terms that are causing some confusion. What on earth are PaaS, SaaS and IaaS? Is cloud computing a myth? Does Gmail CRM exist? This week we are focussed on debunking the mystery’s of sales automation. How it can help your business? What are the examples? How can you achieve it? But before we go any further…

What is Sales Automation?

Sales automation is the process of simplifying repetitive tasks and allowing a computer to do them automatically for you. The aim is to save your time spent on remedial tasks allowing you to do the hard bits, like closing deals! You can be forgiven for getting CRM and sales automation confused but they certainly aren’t the same. “Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a strategy for managing all your company’s relationships and interactions with your customers and potential customers” (Salesforce 2015). Only once you have a thorough and successful CRM implementation whereby you understand your prospect, can you then achieve a sales automation process.

How Do I Implement Sales Automation?

Begin with making sure that your team is adding, editing and updating their records. Untidy data will be exposed with sales automation and you don’t want it to be a mistake with your prospects. Only once you have the correct records can you begin to increase productivity. Sending welcome emails to customers who have left your business or vice versa are classic sales automation mistakes. There are plenty of ways to implement sales automation so make sure you assess the options.

Here are 3 blog posts on sales automation that have helped our team.

How Sales Automation Technology Can Boost Your Bottom Line – TinderBox 25 Marketing Automation Tips Straight from Sales – Pardot Blog Key Features of Sales Automation Software – If you need more ways to cut processes and raise productivity then check out more of the Ebsta blogs. Whether it’s quick Salesforce hacks or Gmail tricks, we love sharing all the little ways to streamline your workflow.

Dominik Kondziela

As part of the marketing team at Ebsta, I help write and publish our online content. From Slideshares to blog posts and tweets, we share our wide knowledge in CRM adoption and sales productivity.

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