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The Sales Break-Up Email


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“It’s not you, it’s me.” We’ve all heard those words (I’ve heard them far too many times) and may even be guilty of saying them ourselves (again…far too many times…). It’s the sound of the inevitable breakup and is intended to bring closure to a relationship cycle but, for some reason, makes the receiving party turn desperate and try to clutch at the last few fibers of any possible chance for rekindling that spark. While we dread the sound of those words in our personal lives, the impact on the receiving party is the exact reason why every salesperson should embrace the phrase and use it with every dead-end relationship they have with a prospect. Hot lead turn cold? Cold lead never responded to any of your calls or emails? 3rd demo no-show in a row? Sending a break-up email gives closure to the salesperson and sparks a double-take in the prospect. It’s human nature; they just can’t help it! It’s important for any salesperson to “know when to say no” and walk away from a dead prospect. Holding onto a shred of hope that a prospect will convert into an opportunity after 3 months of weekly emails and follow-ups kills your sales cycle, destroys conversion rates, and clogs your pipeline. Just like being in the wrong relationship, holding onto dead prospects leaves you miserable and unable to chase healthier, friendlier relationships with better chances of conversion…you know what I’m talking about 😉 Therefore, once you realize you’re getting nowhere with a prospect, send them a break-up email and write them off from your pipeline (or maybe tuck them away for another day). You’ll find that not only does it provide room for better prospects in your pipeline, but you may actually spark a last-ditch effort by the prospect to rekindle the relationship and see if they can make things work.

Guidelines for the sales break-up email

1. Have a kind heart: Keep it courteous and don’t be mean. 2. Give them a chance: Wait at least 7-14 “touches” and 2-3 weeks before you break up 3. Mean it: Don’t flake and run back if they give you the silent treatment. Wait at least 6 months before re-engaging. 4. It’s all about style: Make sure the email reflects you. I like to keep it light and humorous, but it’s a personal taste that suits my (and my company’s) style. 5. Learn from your mistakes: Analyze the prospect’s attributes and your prospecting process to see how you can improve not only who you prospect, but how you prospect as well. Want an insight into all the emails across your company? Check out Ebsta’s Salesforce Email Integration Revolutionised. I hope you enjoyed the sales email. Farewell, it’s been emotional.

Bernhard Peters

Hi, I’m the VP of Sales at Ebsta and I’m responsible for overseeing the sales team and ensuring you get the most out of our products! I write all my tips, tricks and experiences right here in the hope that they can put you on your way to sales success.

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