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The 6 Sales Events 2016 That You Can’t Afford to Miss


If I was to ask, how do you get the hottest Leads, what would you say? 9 times out of 10, the answer will be a simple ‘Marketing’. It’s true that inbound and outbound Marketing is a huge resource for finding scorching hot Leads for your Sales team but there’s another way that your Reps can enhance their pipeline and expand your product/service’s exposure. It’s all good and well giving you palpitations on the potential of finding these Leads but how is it going to happen? By putting your Sales team on the frontline. As a customer-facing bunch, they’re the perfect candidates to send out to meet and greet potential prospects. Hands anticipant for that welcoming handshake, pitches ingrained deep within, hearts racing with an enticing concoction of excitement and adrenaline – an absolute winning combination for successful sales meetings. Before you do a prompt exit to the X at the top of the page, don’t panic. If a Sales Rep can build relationships on the phone, they will inevitably be even better at doing it in person. To save you the time of trouncing through endless events on the internet, here are the 6 unmissable Sales events of 2016 that you should be motivating your sales people in a second:

Sales Innovation Expo

This May, London, the capital of the suit and tie, hosts Europe’s leading sales event that has organisations everywhere hurriedly printing out hundreds of business cards. The city is guilty of harbouring so many Sales professionals that it’s almost impossible not to succumb to their charm and this is the perfect place to get people to succumb to yours. The event will be brimming with those all important Decision Makers free from their gatekeepers and willing to engage with you. With over 60 expert speakers and the chance to discover how to finally marry up your Sales department with Marketing, it’s a must-attend. Key reasons to attend: 
  • You have additional access to the UK’s largest Business Show
  • The chance to see new and innovative ways of enhancing your Sales process with exhibits of Sales Management Software and Sales training
  • You can attend a range of master-classes conducted by industry-leading Sales experts
(and completely free tickets. That’s a deal worth pursuing). To get your ticket, click here.

Sales Machine

Spaced over 2 days with 8 keynote speeches and 16 breakout sessions, Sales Machine has to be on your agenda. Forget anything you have going on during June 15th/16th and get yourself down to the Big Apple and take a juicy bite out of their Sales offerings. Your Reps can look forward to Arianna Huffington and Gary Vaynerchuck from Vayner Media speaking and being submersed amongst 2000+ Sales professionals. Targeted at B2B Sales, it has 5 dedicated tracks including Sales Leadership, Sales Development, Customer Success, Sales Operations and Sales Strategy, The event focuses on innovative technologies with support from platinum sponsors Salesforce and New Voice Media. Key reasons to attend:
  • Sales hacker workshops
  • Choice between the workshops or the conference or both
  • 2000+ Sales professionals
To get on-board the Sales Machine, click here.

London Technology Week

Whether you’re a self-confessed ‘Techie’ or not, London Technology Week is your prime opportunity to not only sell but to find the solutions to any vying Sales challenges that you’re currently experiencing. Although your Sales Reps will be going to get people interested in your product/service, their time should also be spent on the many workshops and exhibitions that are going on across the week. Gaining an understanding into ‘what’s already on the market’ by meeting the professionals first hand will help them establish what works and what doesn’t from a prospect’s point of view. There’s a variety of events going on during this week that stem from the following topics:
  • Business
  • Innovation
  • Growth
  • Talent and Inclusion
  • After Hours (everyone’s favourite)
Block out a couple of hours during 20-26th June 2016 Key reasons to attend:
  • You can pick and choose what times are best for you
  • The variety of different workshops
  • Majority of the events are free to attend
To check out the schedule, click here.

Sales 2.0 Conference

For all the Sales Managers out there, this July brings  the perfect event to learn about the DNA of a high-performance Sales team and how to implement strategies that can get your team working at hyper-speed. The agenda is full of interesting talks including What’s It Going to Take for My Sales Teams to Start Selling and How Culture, Leadership and Passion Fuel High-Performing Sales Teams with Speakers including Brian Frank, Vice President of Global Sales Operations for LinkedIn and Dennis Michalis, Group Vice President of Oracle. Key reasons to attend:
  • You can submit a Speaker suggestion and get the chance to speak at the event!
  • The agenda is jam-packed with new and innovative ways of powering your Sales team
  • Fantastic selection of guest speakers
Want to get involved? Get your tickets here.

National Sales Conference

This October, the National Sales Conference attracts Sales professionals from across the UK to the grand city of Coventry. The event boasts 91% of attendees are CEOs, Sales Directors and Sales Managers whilst 68% are Senior Decision Makers – you couldn’t have put together a better guest list if you’d handpicked them yourself. With a Speakers list combusting with leading Sales Experts, you won’t only have the ability to network with your target audience, but you’ll be able to gain an insight into successful sales strategies and see exhibitions from the organisations that can help you increase revenue. Key reasons to attend:
  • Opportunity to generate Leads
  • Ability to exhibit if you’re organisation provides any of the services on this list
  • An exciting selection of breakout sessions to attend
(plus breakfast. And everyone loves that). To book a ticket, click here.


Dubbed the biggest tech event in the world, Dreamforce needs no introduction. In October, Dreamforce will take over San Francisco and make home to over 100,000 attendees from an array of different industries. It’s no surprise that it’s one of the most popular events for organisations across the globe. With past guest speakers including YouTube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki and Microsoft’s Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella, you and your Reps will be in for 3 days of extensive learning, networking and some not-so-relaxing partying. Key reasons to attend:
  • There’s so much going on that you’ll be spoilt for choice
  • You can exhibit pretty much anywhere at Dreamforce as long as you book in advance
  • You’ll get to meet hundreds of people in your short time there
You can pre-register for Dreamforce here. Don’t forget to meet with the Ebsta team when you’re there, we’d love to grab a cocktail (or three) and show you how we can revolutionise your sales process with our Salesforce Email Integration! You may think that these Sales events 2016 are a waste of time that could be better spent in the office confined to a desk and a phone. I’d argue that although meeting prospects face to face might not be the millennial way of doing things, it can be far more powerful than a casual call. Get your Reps out there leaving lasting impressions for ultimate sales success.

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