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The Ultimate 5 Tips to Get Your Sales Booming


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It’s tough being a salesperson. Not only can people ignore you by phone but they can now ignore you by email too. But before you panic about not hitting target, we’ve compiled our top tips on how to sell better. Follow these and you’ll soon be awarded the illustrious title of ‘top biller’:
  • Knowledge is everything – People are reluctant to buy anything unless they know exactly what it does, how it can benefit them and how much it costs. You need to be able to answer these three questions without hesitation. Compel them enough and they’ll soon realise their company cannot possibly survive without your product/service.
  • Be confident – You need to build trust to sell your product/service. If you’re stumbling over your words and leaving awkward silences, that trust will be left out in the cold. Be confident, cheerful and full of enthusiasm and you’ll have them hooked from the get go.
  • Don’t be pushy ­– Nothing puts people off more than a pushy salesman so make sure you engage in conversation, ask lots of questions and build an understanding with your prospects. Find out what their company needs and tell them how your product or service can help them. Paint them a picture but don’t thrust it in their face.
  • Be honest – When trying to sell a product, you’re put under pressure but be sure not to succumb to that pressure and falsify the truth. If your product can’t do what your prospects ask, tell them. They’ll find out sooner or later and the later that is, the worse you and your company will look. As the old classic goes, honesty really is the best policy.
  • Treat them well – Your reputation relies on your outstanding customer service so deliver it. Firstly, address them by their name. Ask them if it’s a good time to talk, how they are and how their weekend has been. Showing an interest at the start of a call or email (find out how to write better sales emails here) will prove that you’re attentive to your prospect’s needs. Building a relationship with prospects is a fundamental part of selling.
Just remember that selling isn’t only about your product, it’s about the reputation of your company. Ultimately, you want your prospects to turn into customers and your customers to stay with you. By building these bridges early on and throughout the customer journey, you will be putting yourself in a strong position for the future. Following these five tips to get your sales booming and they will undoubtedly lead to sales domination! Allowing your CRM to be the best that it can be and having the ability to enhance the Salesforce experience of every user and department is also key to getting your Sales team booming.

Katrina Holmes

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