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Fuel the Sales Fire with Hoopla Software


Dubbed “the sports network for sales” (that’s a direct quote), Hoopla’s employee motivation platform is proving massively popular with employees across the globe. Forget tracking important KPIs in the normal fashion, Hoopla is designed to enable customers to create contests, competitions and leaderboards so your office will come alive with renewed energy. We spoke to Sales Account Executive Lucas Dillow across the Atlantic in Silicon Valley, Calif to learn more about the birth of Hoopla and how they use Ebsta to increase sales.

How did Hoopla get started?

Lucas: Mike Smalls, our CEO and Founder, started Hoopla five years ago in Philadelphia, PA. As a salesman by nature, he saw first-hand the poor visibility into sales metrics across his company and the lack of engagement on a daily, weekly and monthly level. At the time, there weren’t many tools out there that could solve these problems, and thus Hoopla was born.

As a company focused on Sales Performance, how do you go about hiring great Sales Talent?

Lucas: It’s hard to define what we look for but they have to have the X Factor. It sounds cliché but it’s true, they need to have that certain personality and hunger. We interview candidates separately and when we get talking afterwards, if we aren’t all 100% “wowed” by him/her, then they’re out. Usually you can spot it in the first 30 seconds, whatever “it” is, they have to have it. It doesn’t take all these complicated questions and crazy answers when hiring a great sales team, you just need to pay close attention to an individual’s personality and you’ll see it. If you don’t, then you have your answer.

Silicon Valley is notorious for being a difficult place to retain great people, what do you do to innovate in this area?

Lucas: In order to keep talent here, you need to have an innovative product and an incredibly dynamic work environment. It’s pretty obvious we have the first one, but the work environment is hard to build. A huge part of it is our open office floor. I work next to my VP and CEO and have access to the management by simply walking (or scootering) over to them, which really helps encourage a very open and highly communicative culture. There are no closed doors here. Happy hour after work, team lunches, tons of snacks and food, go-karting and bowling together with the company, stand up desks with no cubicles, walls entirely built as chalk-boards… we are a progressive company with an awesome work environment because we know if we don’t build the right culture, someone else will.

Let’s talk Salesforce, why did you decide to build Hoopla as a native Salesforce application?

Lucas: Salesforce is the big dog in the industry and owns a major share of the CRM market. They also have the SF AppExchange built specifically for companies like Hoopla.

How did you come across Ebsta?

Lucas: I was impressed with one of the prospecting emails I received from one of your great salesmen, Oliver, and seeing as I know how hard it is to get through to people by email prospecting, I gave it a shot. After downloading and installing it easily on my own, I was immediately hooked with some of the features like email tracking and the ‘Ebsta Search’ bar.  I had a call with Oliver and was really impressed with the product and your customer service so we went straight towards a purchase decision!

What advice would you give to companies navigating the AppExchange which now hosts over 3,000 apps?

Lucas: My number one piece of advice would be to read reviews. Think about it, the only times you ever take the time to write a review about something is when you’ve either had an incredibly bad experience or an incredibly good one. Either way, the reviews reflect those that were compelled enough by the product that they felt they needed to share their experience. As long as they have a few hundred reviews, you can trust it.

What difference has Ebsta made to your business?

Lucas: Ebsta nails the sales. For example, one of my favourite features is the email tracking. I had an opportunity to sign on a new client but couldn’t get hold of them through email or phone. I shot him one last email and got the Ebsta notification that my email had been opened seconds later. I immediately called him and was able to take the opportunity to the next step and sign on another happy Hoopla customer!

Winning with Hoopla

Hoopla is one of the most exciting, fun and energetic tools you can bring into the office. They have revolutionised the way companies sell and boosted team morale in the process. By choosing Ebsta on the AppExchange, Hoopla have engaged with prospects and ensured sales by being pro-active and keeping up to date with customer interactions. Work doesn’t have to be a chore; you come to work, Hoopla brings the entertainment.

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