How to Track Sales Performance While WFH

Since February 2020, the outbreak of COVID-19 has created a paradigm shift for the global economy. The latest pandemic has put a massive number of people all around the world in isolation or prompted them to practice social distancing. These times are unprecedented, and every Sales Leader is having to adapt fast to two primary challenges at the same time :

(i) reassessing their market and value proposition during uncertain economic times
(ii) empower their teams to thrive whilst working remotely

As the feeling of uncertainty and insecurity sets in, fewer clients are willing to finalize deals in order to reduce their spending. Due to this, many Sales Leaders are faced with a number of questions, such as:

* How do I monitor what my sales team is doing?
* How do I ensure my sales team are focusing on the right things?
* How do we keep prospects engaged?
* How can we collaborate more effectively as a team?
* How can I help identify customers and opportunities at risk faster?

A Sales Leader must have access to real-time data and accurate reports to best manage and guide their teams.

Here’s how to overcome these 5 Leadership challenges:

  • Capture every activity
  • Report on sales productivity
  • Capture every contact
  • Prioritize the most important relationship
  • Collaborate more effectively as a team

Capture every activity

When Salespeople aren’t in the office, it’s challenging to check the progress of work, and one of the biggest hurdles is a lack of activity tracking. If you don’t track what your team is doing, you’re not going to know which sales activities are moving the needle closer to your revenue goals. 

However, some software tools make it easy to track tasks. With Ebsta, Sales Leaders are able to track 100% of Sales Rep activity levels to accurately understand the sales pipeline by measuring emails, calls, meetings, and how this relates to Opportunities, Leads, Accounts etc.

Report on sales productivity

It’s crucial that Salespeople manage their time wisely and invest their efforts in the right opportunities.

Did you know that nearly two-thirds (64.8%) of Reps’ time, on average, is spent in non revenue-generating activities, leaving only 35.2% for functions related to selling.

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It’s silly to spend time and resources on leads that aren’t likely to yield high returns or convert prospects to customers. 

For Sales Leaders, it’s important to have access to real-time insights of the performance of your team. That’s why Ebsta’s Lead Prioritization Report is so useful. It gives Sales Leaders insight into whether their team is correctly prioritizing leads, and whether the Marketing Score is correctly identifying the hottest leads. It also helps to view whether your team is performing the right activities to be on pace to hit sales goals, allowing you to course-correct when pacing falls off.

Capture every contact 

Salesforce is only as good as the data that resides within it. Business relationships are lost because the records were never created or maintained by Reps in Salesforce. Such information being lost greatly affects your ability to successfully market and build on existing relationships.

Ebsta bridges this gap by automatically capturing every business connection from emails to calendars. Records are enriched with the most up-to-date contact information and shared in Salesforce, giving reps immediate insight into:

  • Everyone your business knows at a particular account
  • How strong the relationship is
  • Who has the relationship and
  • Whether the record exists in Salesforce or not

Prioritize the most important relationships

It’s more important now than ever to work together as a team to build strong, lasting relationships with prospects and customers.

Having a robust CRM is crucial for team members to follow up with leads and for Managers to monitor their progress. Managers should encourage remote employees to update potential and existing customer information as often as possible. But how likely is that to happen?

Ebsta’s Engagement Scoring offers great visibility into prospect and customer engagement across the business, and connects to employee mailboxes to automatically discover every missing record and add it to Salesforce. Better still, it analyses email signatures to find the latest job titles, phone numbers, mobile numbers and social profiles to keep your records up-to-date.

Sales Executives now have access to each individual relationships across their business as they view any record in Salesforce, making it easier to collaborate with colleagues, to more effectively build relationships with prospects and customers. 

Collaborate more effectively as a team

COVID-19 has significantly altered how businesses operate, and it’s difficult to know how long this new normal will last. Working remotely during the Coronavirus pandemic means that employees are now more disconnected than ever. There is little visibility into who your colleagues are speaking to and what everyone is working on.

Ebsta automatically identifies relationships across your whole business – whether they’re in a different team, department or office. When approaching an account, you’re able to immediately recognise who has the strongest relationship and leverage their relationship for the warmest possible introduction. As the prospect progresses through the sales process, the overlap becomes easier, from business development, to sales engineering, to the sales manager, to the customer success manager, helping to improve the customer experience but also promote collaboration between colleagues.

The last word

With the right intervention by Sales Leaders, sales challenges faced can be solved with intuitive tools to stay ahead of the game during the Coronavirus pandemic. With these Ebsta solutions, you can be sure that while working remotely you’re able to capture every activity and relationship directly in Salesforce. Get started today.

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