How Ebsta Enables Account Based Marketing

Ebsta Excellence: Using Ebsta Sales Campaigns for account based marketing

Ebsta provides easy sales campaigns in order to Nurture a prospect and never miss a follow up with customers and potential prospects. For Instance Bruno provides examples of using Ebsta sales cadences for account based marketing.



My name is Bruno Cambrais, I work as Business Development Executive at Ebsta. Today I’m going to show all the powerful tools that Ebsta provides to our customers through our sales campaign. So our sales campaigns helps sales teams to tweak automatic emails and tasks to ensure that we nurture relationships with customers and prospects and ensure that you never miss a follow-up with any customers or prospect that we may have. So to give a brief example how you can use our sales campaign here is a particular scenario. So as I said, I work as a Business Development Executive so I prospect new customers for Ebsta and when particular at time that I use my sales campaigns is when I have a first call with customers. A lot of them asked me to send an email with more information about that Ebsta product.  So I create a sales campaigns inside of Ebsta where I have three short steps. I first send the email with all the information about the company and about the product. The second step is if I have no replies from the customers after 3 days, the email is triggered and I quickly write a short follow up, if you received my previous email. And again, 3 days with no replies, a test is created automatically in Salesforce. So when I add the prospect on this on this particular scenario, I never missed a follow-up and I keep engaging with the prospect. I’m now going to show you how we can trigger customers through this campaign. So it’s pretty simple. So I’m going here to my Gmail. So when you you’re on your Gmail. You just need to add the customers in the sales campaign, add the contact address, email address and the bottom of, of the email. You can see the information the Ebsta tool provides. So in this case,I will select this campaign. I will add this contact in my new prospect campaign. Use the steps that I told you previously so my first email, the second email, the great thing is that you can add more fields, for example at Ebsta they did populate this information with the data that you have on Salesforce. And that’s it. So you can see the merged fields you populated has the information that you have on Salesforce all details that I created for this campaign and now when I click and send. I add this contact on my new prospect campaign. I said this is a powerful tool and sales teams will love using this because it ensures you nurture the relationship with your customer or prospect and you never miss a follow-up. I am Bruno Cambrais Business Development Executive at Ebsta.

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