Ebsta's Inbox Tools with Bruno Cambrais

Front End Tools with Bruno Cambrais

Bruno Cambrais brilliantly talks through the front end of Ebsta. He realises that people love to have everything at their fingertips. Being able to see the performance of your emails and be able to schedule times that suit you.



Hi, my name is Bruno Cambrais, I am a Business Development Executive at Ebsta. I did all the videos that talk about our Solutions our Linkedin Integration, our Sales Campaign. Today I want to talk about other parts of our solution that is our front end tools for Gmail and ends as in my previous videos. I am going to talk and show how front end tools work and how I use them on a daily basis, to help to prospect new businesses; so I want to send an introductory email to the person that I have just had a conversation on the phone about Ebsta. I want to book a meeting with him in the future however he’s going on a vacation and coming back in one week. I also want to make sure all the communication that I have with him is logged on Salesforce this is so that I know when he opened his email. I also want to know when they read their email, so everything that I have previously said is possible when using our front end tools, so the first thing that I mentioned is to write an introductory email you can use our front end tools and for this particular one. I’m gonna use the Salesforce email templates, I send a lot of introductory emails which means that templates are always handy to have. I already have a few templates saved inside of Salesforce, for this case, I will send an introductory email to meet Henry and I. I have all the information I need due to the tracking in my sent emails, I am able to see which email had the best performance and most engagement. So in this case I want to send this email to a certain person, I select the person I want to send it to and all information automatically populates inside of Gmail. So you can take some information like name, the company name, that is saved in Salesforce and it will populate for you as well. So my email introduction is done and is going to be sent to you now. Lets say I want to book a time. I want to schedule a time for a meeting. Instead of a back and forth email asking when he is available. We can insert a link in the email, so that they can view my diary and book a time suitable for both of us. So when he received the email he can click on this link and he will select the best time that suits his schedule for meeting with me. And because he’s going on holiday. I want to send in 5 days instead, so I created a task & I can  schedule this email to send in five days; so you don’t need to remember so you just schedule it once and the Ebsta tool does the rest. Every email that I send when tracking on is on, allows me to measure the performance/engagement through the open rate. I receive notifications when he opens the email, it’s very powerful. I recommend to keep the tracking on at all times. I want a notice when sending the email, but I want to add Salesforce very easily, Ebsta does this for you. It can show where I want to save as an activity, so I will save under Henry, you are able to select the account opportunity you decide, once you select, just click send and it’s done in less than one minute, I wrote an introduction email. I add my calendar for him to pick to select the time in my diary. I scheduled email to send later and I add on Salesforce its now tracking that email. We are able to help your business set up as well as solve any issues. If you want to know more, just leave a comment in this post and we’ll come back to you as soon as possible. My name is Bruno Cambrais and I work as a Business Development Executive at Ebsta.

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