Right Click Search In Chrome Using Ebsta

Ebsta Excellence: Right Click Search Using Ebsta

Ebsta solves the quick search from web page to Salesforce. This is a brilliant example of cutting time spent searching on various tabs, when the Ebsta tool helps you out.



Hi there Guys! Oliver Squires from Ebsta here. And I just wanted to share a really quick little tip for you, I have a business owner speaking with me all the time. The key challenges they have is that they invested a load of money into buying Salesforce, customising it and training their users on how to use it. What happens is the users then tend to spend a huge portion of their day working outside of Salesforce and where they spend their time on prospecting websites, on company websites, and probably inside their email accounts as well. For example finding a Bob Smith on LinkedIn, they have no idea that person exists inside Salesforce unless they say, leave the website they are on to go onto Salesforce and run a search, then figure out if they really exist on the system and that’s really bad time management and nobody’s going to do that on every single profile that they ever looked at. So, I just want to give you a really quick insight into how a little feature of Ebsta that can help resolve that situation. So, I’m going to use Keenan’s Website in this example. I’ve been reading a lot into Keenan recently so definitely worth picking up his book ‘Gap Selling’ really really interesting to read; but as an example here, I am on the Sales Guy website. I’m doing a bit of research and a bit of prospecting. I decided do you know what Keenan is a wonderful prospect for me. What I can do is just simply highlight Keenan’s name right click on my mouse, and then Ebsta search. Well, what that’s gonna do is then immediately alert me whether or not Keenan already exist as a contact or lead on my Salesforce System, by dropping this blue bar from the top of the screen. So instantly, I now know Keenan exist on system, his associated to this particular account. We got an open opportunity against this record and we already have an activity with this particular organisation, then by clicking on the Chrome extension, I can actually view, edit, and update the Salesforce record whilst I am working on this environment. I can add chatter notes, I can view activity, history, I can log calls, or tasks, and events, and ultimately click off all the different types of Salesforce workflows directly from the website that I’m working on, it’s important to understand, I’m not even logged in to Salesforce at the moment technically Salesforce is with me no matter where I work. Another example of another great person, and if you’re not following me in my LinkedIn definitely you should, Dan Disney ‘The Social Selling Guru’ is talking in the Sales Innovation Expo in a couple of weeks time, look forward to meeting some of you their that are attending. I can simply highlight Daniel Disney’s name, I then right click and click Ebsta search, I am then immediately aware that Dan doesn’t exist in my Salesforce system. I can then use that the Chrome extension to then create a brand new account, contact, lead, opportunity or any custom object. Really, really simple way of ensuring that all that money that you’ve invested in Salesforce is then very simply utilised, no matter where your team are working. Thanks a lot,  To find more relatable videos Click here: Ebsta Excellence

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