How to make the most of Dreamforce 2018

Taking place from 25th to 28th September 2018 in downtown San Francisco, it brings together thought leaders, industry pioneers, Salesforce users and developers for four high-energy days of learning, inspiration, equality and fun.
With over 180,000 attendees from 90+ countries expected at Dreamforce 18, we know it’s the best place to hear the latest insights and innovations from trailblazers dedicated to using Salesforce to help businesses drive customer engagement.
There are now 3,200+ sessions covering every role in every industry, so deciding which to attend can be a challenge. For those focused on increasing sales and revenue, we’ve trawled through the Dreamforce agenda and spoken to industry insiders to create this guide to getting the most out of Dreamforce 18. It’ll ensure you come away briefed and inspired by the latest trends that can benefit your business.

TOP TIP: Organisation and planning ahead is essential. Use the Dreamforce Agenda Builder to create your personalised schedule and register for any sessions you wish to attend. It’ll also help you keep track of the session locations.

How to make the most of Dreamforce

Read on to find out which Dreamforce sessions we believe are the most valuable for anyone dedicated to realising the power of Salesforce, optimising the customer experience or driving revenue and retention.

1. The Keynotes are a must see

Keynotes are Salesforce’s showcase – they’re a spectacle not to be missed with the greatest business and politics minds of our time discussing the latest innovations and exciting new trends. Our top picks are of course Marc Benioff and Al Gore. Their motivating stories sharing how they made measurable, meaningful change in their businesses will help you discover new paths and possibilities of your own.

2. Back to Salesforce basics

If you’re new to Salesforce, or a veteran looking for a quick refresher, this session taking place at the start of the conference is a good way to learn the Salesforce basics and will provide you with a strong foundation for the rest of the event:

3. The essentials for aspiring Salesforce Administrators

Are you an Administrator who wants to fulfil your potential and maximise contributions to your organisation? If so, these sessions are the perfect place to start, regardless of your role or skill level:

4. Realise the power of data in Salesforce

Whether you’re in Marketing, Sales or are an Administrator, setting the right data strategy and process is critical to driving effective customer engagement. These two sessions are a must see for anyone looking to implement best practices that will drive revenue and increase customer satisfaction:

TOP TIP: Keep track of the key points and areas for further research by bringing a notebook and pen to all the sessions you attend. It may be old skool but it’ll help you create a clear list of follow up actions for when you’re back in the office.

5. Attract new interest and convert more opportunities

In a customer-led economy, Marketing is tasked with engaging customers and new prospects at the right time, with relevant and useful messages that drive high quality leads and opportunities. Attending these four sessions will provide a useful overview of the latest trends, creative innovations and reporting best practice, whilst also addressing that well known marketing ROI killer – poor data:

6. Manage sales pipeline and close new business faster

In Sales the pressure is always on to generate more revenue, increase activity and pipeline, whilst reducing the sales cycle. These five sessions will demonstrate how to leverage AI, data and the latest sales strategies to give your reps a competitive advantage:

If you’re responsible for Pipeline Management, you’ll be familiar with the challenges of visibility, lead scoring, opportunity management and forecasting accuracy. We’ve chosen these three sessions as highlights for anyone who wants to understand the latest Salesforce developments for healthy pipeline management:

7. Drive more revenue through customer satisfaction

When you’re responsible for Customer Success and have multiple employees interacting with customers, you need to understand what conversations are being had and when. These three sessions will reveal the latest tech trends and best practices to help you increase customer satisfaction, reduce churn and drive more revenue. You can also visit us on stand #238 to find out how Ebsta’s Customer Engagement Platform seamlessly integrates with data from CRM, emails and calendars to automatically generate a dynamic ‘network’ of everyone your company has interacted with.

8. Stand out from the pack through a superior customer experience

The ability to create a positive Customer Experience (CX) can make the difference between success and failure. The latest technology solutions can help provide the data insights to put you ahead of the pack – increasing both customer satisfaction and revenue. We recommend you check out these four sessions for inspiration from the brightest, most innovative CX trailblazers in the world:

9. Visit the Expo!

When it’s time to take a deep dive into the latest Salesforce products and solutions the Customer Success Expo is the only place to go. You’ll meet both Salesforce experts and an incredible collection of more than 400 partners in the Salesforce ecosystem.
You can test drive thousands of customer success solutions, designed by the smartest minds to overcome a plethora of challenges. It’s also a great place to network with others in the Salesforce community to pick up more insights and ideas. Dreamforce gives you the chance to hobnob with executives from the biggest tech companies in the world – make sure you take full advantage!
And of course, a visit to the Expo wouldn’t be complete without picking up the latest and greatest swag from the stands – you’ll be the envy of the office when you get back. Make sure you bring an extra large suitcase!
Meet Ebsta!
This is the sixth time Ebsta has attended Dreamforce – our customer success, product and sales teams will be at booth #238 to showcase how our suite of sales enablement and customer intelligence tools empower thousands of companies to drive growth.
As we’ve done in previous years, we’ll also be making an exciting new product announcement. Come and see us at booth #238 to find out more about why over 1,600 customers worldwide have chosen to work with Ebsta and why we’ve been rated #1 Salesforce AppExchange on G2 Crowd.

TOP TIP: The average Dreamforce attendee can walk up to five miles a day, so comfortable shoes are a must. We suggest you bring some old favourites – Dreamforce isn’t the place to break in new shoes! Keep yourself hydrated and avoid possible long queues by carrying a bottle of water.

10. The social side of Dreamforce

Dreamforce is ultimately a celebration of innovation, so here’s our pick of the best from the social calendar. Whether you’re looking to party until the small hours, take part in giving-back activities to help those in need, or places to chill out for a while, there’s something for everyone:

    • On Wednesday 26th September 2018, Metallica, one of the most influential heavy metal bands of all time, will be performing at City Hall and Civic Center Plaza to raise funds for UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals. MC Hammer will then take over for an after party to remember. Click here for ticket information.
    • There are parties all over town during Dreamforce, here are the ones we won’t be missing – get yourself on the guest list and meet us there!
    • Dreamforce believes in giving back to make the world a more equal place. From attending fundraisers and helping to stuff children’s holiday bags, to donating to the Bay Area homeless, there are hundreds of ways to get involved.
    • And if you’re looking for some downtime to rest from the madness, take a look at this useful Dreamforce list of 25 ways to unwind.

11. Bonus: The Sales Enablement Soiree

The Sales Enablement Soiree runs on Thursday 27th September 2018 and is the perfect complementary event for those concerned with effective Sales Enablement. It offers thought leadership sessions from industry luminaries such as Peter Ostrow from SiriusDecisions, Karishma Patel from Twitter and Greg Stephenson from LinkedIn, who’ll be sharing their tips and tricks. There’s also the chance to network with peers and see the latest solution demos. We think the following sessions are the ones to watch:

  • Digital Selling with Sales Enablement with Mario Martinez, CEO and Founder of Vengreso. Mario has spent 83 consecutive quarters in B2B Sales and Leadership and is one of 20 sales influencers invited to appear in the Salesforce documentary film ‘The Story of Sales’.
  • Sales Enablement at Scale for Salesforce with Dan Darcy, SVP of Global Enablement at Salesforce, who also serves as head of customer visions and has a pedigree that includes Oracle and Fisher Investments.
  • Five Winning Sales Enablement Strategies with Jim Lundy, CEO and Founder of Aragon Research Inc. Jim is a proven technology visionary and seasoned business professional with a track record of analysing markets and helping clients with technology and strategy decisions.
  • Sales Engagement in the Age of the Customer with Laura Ramos, VP and Principal Analyst Forrester. Laura serves B2B Marketing Professionals and is a leading expert in business-to-business marketing with hands-on senior management experience in corporate, industry, product marketing, demand management and social media. 

And finally…

Before you get to the event, I really recommend downloading the Salesforce Events app to help you navigate Dreamforce. It’ll help you manage your agenda, keep up with all the major events, find your way around the city, and learn more about all of the amazing activities at Dreamforce. We look forward to seeing you at Dreamforce at booth #238!

You can also claim your copy of the 2019 Salesforce Usage Report: insights from over 500 companies across six continents. From those on the front line of sales through to the decision makers confirming budgets and direction with Salesforce.

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