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Finding a Salesforce Mac Email Integration


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As a Mac Email user, you have it hard; Salesforce email integrations have ignored you for so long and email to Salesforce just doesn’t cut the mustard. When you search on the AppExchange, you’re teased with all the Gmail and Outlook integrahtions that do everything you need in a trusted Salesforce Email Integration. Unfortunately, you can’t utilise any to respond to your need of finding a Salesforce Mac Email Integration.

Appexchange Salesforce Mac Email Integration

The Why

Gmail and Outlook are the most dominant email providers for businesses across the globe so it comes as no great surprise that SaaS companies have chosen to build their products using these. After all, more Users means more demand. This does, however, exclude the market looking for a Salesforce Mac email integration including Salesforce Outlook Mac Users.

It’s important to remember that Mac Mail is a front end tool that allows Users to connect their email accounts – not an email provider. This means that when such products are built, they require the email provider’s user interface which you can’t get in an email client. Take our Gmail Integration for Salesforce solution as an example – it goes into the ‘backend’ of Gmail.

Salesforce Mac Email Integration Demo

The Solution to Salesforce Mac Email Integration

We believe that Salesforce email integration is a birth-right for every User and that means not having to look far and wide for a solution.

Ebsta Sync works with every email client, every device, everywhere. How, you ask? Because Ebsta Sync is server-based which allows Users full flexibility. You connect up once and then have the ability to see all email communication in Salesforce without having to do a thing.

Better still, Ebsta Sync analyses email content including auto-responders and out-of-office emails which can uncover missing information not stored in your Salesforce.

Find a Salesforce Mac Email Integration was once a struggle but those days are long gone. Now you’re part of the crew; you can have 100% data accuracy.

Take a 14-day free trial of Ebsta Email Sync and see how it can impact your revenue.


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