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The Alternative Solution for Salesforce Outlook Mac Integration


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Salesforce Outlook Mac Integration is a mouthful, but it doesn’t have to be a handful as well. For far too long, Outlook Mac Users have been on the side-lines of a good quality Salesforce looking in; now they can join the party. Forget email to Salesforce, we’ve built a Salesforce email integration solution that can satisfy all their needs without asking them to do a thing. Sound too good to be true? We’ll show you how.

The Big Salesforce Outlook Mac Integration Challenge

Unfortunately, for the Salesforce Outlook Mac Users, they’re facing two types of challenges:
  1. Salesforce-related i.e. data quality, user adoption, email visibility in Salesforce, proving the ROI of Salesforce etc
  2. Finding a Salesforce email integration that solves the Salesforce-related challenge
The first is a given and one that many Salesforce Users face day to day. However, these lucky people can hop straight on to the AppExchange and voila, hundreds of solutions at their office doorstep. Unfortunately for Outlook Mac Users, their list is a little short of hundreds. Salesforce Mac Integration app

The Why

Finding a Salesforce Mac Email Integration is hard and for the non-techie individuals amongst us, the whole email client vs email provider definition goes straight over our heads. Put simply, Outlook is an email provider and Mac Mail is an email client that allows you to connect your email accounts. An easy way to remember this is that Outlook is the backend and Mac Mail the front. Salesforce email integrations tend to work using email providers as they’re the ones in the hottest demand. Take our example of Outlook. Most people are using Outlook straight off the bat, and not through Mac Mail so inevitably, SaaS companies don’t bother to cater for their needs. This means, however, that when you’re using an email client, you can’t utilise all the fantastic products at other Users’ disposal. Here at Ebsta, we couldn’t allow this to go on any longer. As a Salesforce User, you were destined for an email integration that delivers and boy, are we going to give you one.

The Solution for Salesforce Outlook Mac Integration

Ebsta’s Salesforce Outlook Email Integration offers the perfect alternative solution for Salesforce Outlook Mac Users. As a server-based product, we offer the best of both worlds. Working on a Mac and connected to Outlook? No problem. Ebsta Sync works with any email client and device giving Users the ability to chip and change where and how they’re working. It automatically syncs all emails to Salesforce without depending on the User and analyses email content to uncover any missing or out of date data in Salesforce. Salesforce outlook Mac IntegrationWe believe that data intelligence is the key to increasing revenue and that’s why we give Users 100% data accuracy – Outlook Mac User or otherwise.  
Ready to integrate your emails with Salesforce? Try our Salesforce Email Integration for free today! ebsta-salesforce-outlook-mac-integration

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