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Salesforce Acquisition: Who’s behind the $44.1 billion takeover?


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Last week rumours broke out that Salesforce was entertaining buyout offers in the region of $44.1 billion (yes that is a B!) and has hired investment bankers to consider “strategic options”. As there are only a handful of companies in the world that would be interested and able to acquire Salesforce at that price tag, we thought it would be fun to take bets in the office on which company is behind the Salesforce Acquisition rumours. Ricky Wheeler (our Marketing Director) went for the obvious, which is Oracle. While it is true the Salesforce sits on the Oracle platform and Oracle certainly have access to the funds to acquire Salesforce, it has been well reported that Marc Benioff and Larry Ellison don’t always get on. Ricky was also quick to point out that a large number of Salesforce execs come from the Oracle stables, so the work involved in bringing the companies together would presumably be easier than with any other acquirer. Zac Roberts (our CTO) thinks LinkedIn is the obvious choice. With arguably the largest database of people in the world, marrying up the world’s most popular workflow system would seem to make commercial sense. The biggest problem here is that Salesforce is worth close to double that of LinkedIn, which in my mind counts them out as an acquirer. Bernhard Peters (our VP of Sales) let me in on who he thinks the buyer is. ‘It’s Ebsta. Salesforce fits our core business model. The majority of our customers and installs come from the Salesforce ecosystem and we figured it would just make the whole “rat race” a lot easier if we just purchased the entire customer base.’ In all seriousness he think’s it’s going to be a VC firm like Vista Equity or Bain Capital. I believe Microsoft is the most likely candidate to acquire Salesforce. Over the past 12 months both companies have agreed to work together on a number of projects, including a closer integration of Microsoft Office with Salesforce and a joint investment in InsideSales. Microsoft have had obvious success in the server based CRM world with Dynamics, but that success has not been mirrored with the Dynamics Cloud offering. With a war chest reportedly holding over $90 billion in cash, the acquisition of Salesforce could be the coup Microsoft needs to put itself back in the CRM driving seat. Other possibilities include SAP, IBM and Google. Let us know what you think on Twitter.

Guy Rubin

Guy Rubin is the CEO and Founder of Ebsta. Guy comes from a recruitment tech background where he was the Co-Founder of VC backed tech startup, iProfile. He wanted to solve the big data quality issue and has achieved this with Ebsta.

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