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The Secret to Keeping a Talented Developer


Apps. IPhones. CRM systems – words that meant little 10 years ago but now hold enough power to generate change. Some say we’re in the ‘digital age’ – it’s much like the Ice Age, just without the woolly mammoths, endless horizons of sheen-white ice and constant threat of an apocalypse. The time we find ourselves in feels like we’re fresh out of the DeLorean, boasting a catalogue of technologies that our grandparents and great-grandparents and everyone beyond them couldn’t have imagined, yet here we are, living the impossible reality. It is because of this, and the future of growing opportunities that puts Developers on a career ladder so high that we can only assume that they exist because we never actually see one. Admittedly, they seem to spend a lot of time locked in offices with million-dollar fingertips but these people, these very special people are like gold dust and if you are lucky enough to find them, you have to be smart enough to keep them.

Ebsta’s Developers

At Ebsta, our Developers are at the core of our company and have provided the catalyst for the enormous success that has found us over the past 5 years. Soroosh Avazkhani let us in on why he believed in being part of the Ebsta team and how Ebsta provided the ideal platform to help improve his self-development. “Ebsta was the one place that took a chance on me straight out of university. Having originally studied Economics, I wasn’t your ‘typical’ candidate for a role at a tech start-up but they gave me a shot with the whole ‘sink or swim’ approach. It was that attitude that actually spurred me on to do more and to improve myself in all aspects of my work.”  According to Tech Republic, there are 18.5 million Software Developers in the world and an even smaller amount of them residing in England’s capital. With a country so rich from previous technological developments from the Industrial Revolution in the 1700’s to breaking the Enigma code, how do we retain a mythical creature like the Developer? “Ebsta is and has always been a very fast-paced environment which is both daunting and exciting and keeps the development team on their toes. Working in such an environment means that you’re exposed to far more of the business than you would be elsewhere. It also allows me to build great working relationships with people outside of my direct team which is definitely a huge plus.”

The Importance of Company Culture

The clichéd idea of a ‘typical’ Developer is a quiet and reserved individual that enjoys every last blink of code. Soroosh epitomises the very opposite of this cliché along with the other Developers that make up the team. “We all enjoy what we do – knowing that every decision we make will have an impact on the products and in turn, on our customers. It’s important to know that your input and perspective matters in a company – regardless of whether people agree or disagree with it so we like to be vocal. That’s what makes our team here at Ebsta work. Separate to that, we have an unbeatable culture. Long hours are hard work and nights where you’re in the office late is tiring but working in a team where you enjoy spending time outside of work is an enjoyable one. We are always off out on team activities, playing football, (losing at) quizzes and doing karaoke – the escape room last week was definitely an experience to remember as well.”

Choosing the Right Company to Work For

Ebsta’s birth is a direct result of the ‘digital age’ and encompasses the belief that every employee should be at the forefront of the company, pulling the reigns to make the boat go faster. Many people would drown in this environment (and this metaphor), but Soroosh thrives on it. When you’re passionate about something, you should do everything you can to better yourself at it. I’ve been at Ebsta for two years now and I’m still continuing to learn and go out of my way to better myself at every opportunity.   As a self-taught Developer, Ebsta has been able to shape me into the Developer that I am now and for that, I am grateful. Everyone around me provides me with knowledge that can help me grow as a person and as a Developer. There’s weekly training sessions and paid online training whenever we need it and I’m always quick to utilise these.”

To the Future

Many adults leave learning in their past, locked away and only trudged up on a need, not want basis. At Ebsta, we believe that learning propels us forward. Still, however far we may have come, we’re still not able to predict the future so for now, we can rely on our aspirations to get us by. “In 5 year’s time, I want to build globally-used products that continue to change the way that the typical customer works and with Ebsta, I can achieve that.” Some people don’t believe in evolution but they’re in the process of witnessing one now; technology is always evolving. Keeping Developers when technology is flying us to new planets somewhere out there that we can still only imagine, isn’t an easy ask. But giving them the toolkit that will help them to continue learning and to give them the responsibility that will motivate them isn’t rocket science. 

From One Developer to Another

Developers are like gold-dust and some of them might know it. Self-taught Developers like Soroosh see beyond the misty illusion and focus solely on the task in hand and Ebsta is all the greater for it. When asked what advice he would give to other Developers looking to start their career, he said: “You’re going to get frustrated for the first year because it’s going to feel like you don’t know anything but soon, everything will start to fall into place and it will become very rewarding. So initially, you need to go above and beyond just so you can catch up with everyone else. Be a mentor and be mentored. Find the resources that can help you and get stuck into them. But most importantly, enjoy it. Technology is there to be enjoyed.”

One Last Note

Soroosh didn’t only say he wanted to be building products in 5 year’s time like expected nor did he tell us of the fortune that he could have amassed in that time – instead he simply said “I want to be a wizard.” We’ll be sure to get the hat ready now…  
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