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Secrets of the Salesforce Success Community with Ebsta and MVP Chris Edwards


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In February, the Salesforce Success Community reached 2 million members, just one year after hitting the first million milestone. With social media in a frenzy and Salesforce popping the party poppers, it’s clear how important this community has become to Users across the globe. As more and more people join the close-knit group, it’s become the biggest hub for Salesforce knowledge, help and solutions for almost any Salesforce problem.

How Ebsta Will Celebrate

Here at Ebsta, we’re excited to join in the celebrations because we strongly believe that a Salesforce problem shared is a problem halved and that’s why we’re letting Users in on as many Salesforce hacks as we can. Our free Salesforce training webinars continue on Thursday March 17th at 5pm GMT/9am PST with Salesforce MVP Chris Edwards revealing Secrets of the Salesforce Success Community to help members get the most out of it. Watch the Webinar On Demand Now → It’s a well-known fact that there can be challenges with Salesforce and sometimes, the answer isn’t a simple one. The Salesforce Success Community allows you to gain an insight from people that have experienced your challenges and found a solution for free. It’s also the perfect place to build working relationships and network with those that understand the value of Salesforce if you know how. Chris will show you how to do this with ease and top tips on how to:
  • Use the IdeaExchange
  • Find answers to known issues
  • Involve yourself in User Groups
  • Share Salesforce hacks
You’ll also discover how to navigate your way around the Community and how you can uncover all the valuable information that you’ve been missing. The most successful people utilize the resources that are on offer to them because self-improvement and learning is a vital part of any role. Whether you’re already involved in the Salesforce Success Community or yet to join, save your seat in our webinar to see how you can get the most out of Salesforce and make your work life just that little bit easier in the process. Let’s continue to build the community together for ultimate Salesforce success.

Katrina Holmes

Hey, I'm the Content Manager at Ebsta responsible for creating and maintaining our web content, blogs and our hip 'n' happening social media presence.

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