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All the World’s a Stage for Shakespeare’s Day


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Those classic words ‘Wherefore art thou Romeo’ echo across the globe today, most prominently through the streets and gardens of his home town, Stratford-Upon-Avon for today is owed to the ultimate wordsmith himself, Mr William Shakespeare. Aptly dubbed ‘Shakespeare’s Day’, today marks the man that revolutionised the power of the English language. It may have taken a long while but as the old cliché rightly says, the best things in life come to those that wait.

The Icon

Shakespeare has been credited to have written 37 plays and 154 sonnets and the majority of which, are on every school curriculum in the world. From Romeo and Juliet to Midsummer Night’s Dream, his work is some of the most famous in history. However, this fame is not what makes him such an iconic figure in British culture but the way in which he soaked up readers’ attention and demanded that they kept reading, kept acting, kept dissecting every single aspect of his work. If Shakespeare hadn’t existed, would the shape of English language be the same? Possibly. But I’d like to argue that he paved the way for the modern day Writers and Content Marketers that now have the freedom to be creative with their stories – regardless of whether they’re writing B2B or B2C content. The literary techniques may go unnoticed by the busy reader but they have been carefully designed and used to do exactly what the author set out to do. These things are learnt through the medium of other stories and through other writers’ voices and it would be crazy to think that Shakespeare doesn’t feature somewhere along the journey.

The Modern Day Writer

The evolution of writing has undoubtedly exceeded anything that Shakespeare could have imagined – the internet shaping the way we receive and publish most forms of writing. This evolution, however, might have made it easier to get your writing ‘out there’ but has encouraged a lot of noise and not necessarily, a whole load of quality. Because of this, proving the value of good content is a difficult task, posing the question – is anything original anymore? This is why, as the new era of the millenials takes a strong hold of the internet and begins to innovate it into something that even the tech-savvy individuals amongst us couldn’t even imagine, Writers and Content Markets need to find a way to distinguish their content in a full but potentially fruitful environment.

The Change

Change is on the horizon once more with 2016 being hailed ‘the year of content’. According to a study by Curata, 60% of companies have an Executive in their organisation who is directly responsible for an overall content marketing strategy which is a huge improvement on previous years and indicates that the power of content is now resurfacing. The 17th century may be long gone but Shakespeare’s words still ring true “Better three hours too soon than a minute too late.” So how will this change affect the business world? LinkedIn Technology Marketing Community states that the three things that make content most effective are:
  • Audience Relevance (58%)
  • Engaging and compelling storytelling (57%)
  • Triggers a response/action (54%)
Audience relevance, storytelling and CTA’s are all essential aspects of powerful content and ensure that there’s a benefit to publishing it in the first place. This doesn’t differ that absurdly from Shakespeare’s fiction, his work was relevant to his target audience and used engaging and compelling storytelling which proves that the foundations of content are still set in stone.

The Leap

The leap from Shakespeare to modern day content marketing might be hard to digest but when you dig a little deeper or write that metaphor that probably wouldn’t be a successful way of manipulating language if it wasn’t for Shakespeare, you begin to see the similarities in the very basis of your own writing. I don’t claim to understand everything that Shakespeare wrote – I confess to being infuriated by his wording on occasion but what I do claim is that as a Writer and a Marketer, I can see that my creativity and the freedom that I now have with it began way before my time by a stream of writers and Shakespeare, inevitably, being one of the greats. Here’s to Will and to his inspiringly truthful words: “Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt”

Katrina Holmes

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