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Sipsmith’s Secrets to Salesforce Success


Nestled deep in the capital in an unassuming home, the Sipsmith distillery is making waves across the world with their premium Gin and Vodka brands. We went to meet up with Brand Ambassador Briony Dixon at their London Headquarters to learn more about the story behind this disruptive British company and how they are using Salesforce and Ebsta to fuel their growth.

Tell us a bit about how Sipsmith got started

Briony: Sipsmith was born out of a passion for quality spirits. Our founders had been in the drinks industry for a long time and noticed that no-one was distilling Gin in London using the artisan “Copper Still’ methods – a tragedy given London’s Gin heritage and the sublime results of distilling Gin using Copper. We set out in 2009 to change that but we’ve since developed other premium spirits such as our Vodka and Sloe Gin.


Why did you implement Salesforce?

Briony: We’re a small business. What we produce in a year, others can make in a morning, but we pride ourselves on quality, not quantity. Sipsmith competes against companies with greater marketing budgets and lower costs. Salesforce helps us to stay better connected and ultimately enables us to succeed.
Sipsmith competes against companies with greater marketing budgets and lower costs. Salesforce helps us to stay better connected and ultimately enables us to succeed. [Source @ebstahq blog]. Click to Tweet

What difference has Salesforce made to your business?

Briony: Salesforce has helped massively. We’ve quickly gone from a world of wasting time in spreadsheets (unaware of what was going on with a customer if a colleague was out of the office) to one where we can effectively collaborate as a team and quickly access key customer information wherever we are. I’ve then been able to measure this success through Salesforce’s reporting and dashboards.

So how did you come across Ebsta?

Briony: One of the most exciting things about Salesforce is that they have a directory of apps (the AppExchange) – a bit like Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store – covering every business solution you can think of. I’d recommend it to anyone as most of the apps are ‘plug-and-play’ so you can be up and running with them in just a few seconds and if you don’t like one solution, you can quickly swap it out for another. The very first thing we realised after implementing Salesforce was that we needed a solution to add emails and sync calendar events with Salesforce from Gmail. I searched the AppExchange and looked at several solutions, but I liked the fact the Ebsta reviews sounded really genuine and that a couple of us could use the tool for free so we could ensure it was a good fit for our needs.

How have you been getting on with Ebsta?

Briony: We’ve been using Ebsta now for months and the biggest thing I’d say is that it’s so easy to use. Salesforce can be a bit overwhelming for people and Ebsta has helped turn it from a “Customer Relationship Monster” to a “Customer Relationship Magician”. Ebsta has played a crucial role in driving Salesforce adoption and getting people to record their activities to their customer records.

A toast to CRM Success with Salesforce

Sipsmith epitomises what it means to infuse ‘the old with the new’. They revolutionised British gin making and proved to all start-up businesses that customer relationships hand in hand with the ‘personal approach’ really can make a difference. Using Salesforce and choosing Ebsta on the AppExchange ensured repeat business, a positive reputation and customer success. Take Sipsmith’s word for it; there really is no better way to say ‘chin chin’.  

Katrina Holmes

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