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Product Release: Slack Integration

Modern tech stacks leave us jumping from system to system. Often, this means losing the vital time which these tools are designed to help us save. At the very least, it creates frustration in trying to communicate across these different systems. 

We’re streamlining those communications with the release of our integration with Slack. With this, Ebsta now seamlessly speaks to Slack, allowing teams to share links to opportunities from within our Revenue Intelligence Platform. Bring insights to life by sharing opportunities you are working on with your manager, your reps or your colleagues. 

To share a deal via Slack, we’ve added a button which when clicked, lets you choose where to send it (with space for a message to send with it!) 

Ebsta Slack Integration
Send deal notifications to colleagues via Slack

In Slack, your recipient receives the message, plus a bespoke pop-up displaying the deal name, owner, close date, deal amount, deal stage plus a few other details. 

If they need further insight, seeing the opportunity in full detail is a simple click away. 

So instead of having to wait until your next 1:1 to query an opportunity, this new integration lets you have those conversations with the context of the opportunity you are referring to. This helps teams to keep deals progressing in the right direction, rather than resting on their laurels until the next review. 

For managers and reps, this empowers fast decision-making with an instant glimpse into the opportunity in question. This makes the process frictionless and far less time consuming for all involved. 

Next time you are querying or need support on an opportunity, take our Slack integration out for a spin and see how a little quality of life change can go a long way. 

Our Slack integration is now live in our Revenue Intelligence Platform and is available to customers with the following subscriptions;

  • Professional 
  • Ultimate 

To start improving your sales productivity, plug into Ebsta, and get started immediately.

Speak with our experts and see how Ebsta will help improve your sales

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