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Where Should I Be Social Selling?


Sales and Marketing>In a previous post I mentioned how important it is to choose your platforms carefully. There are so many social networks to choose from and they all provide different functionality. Before you start pinning on Pinterest, tweeting on Twitter or snapping on Snapchat here is a quick guide to which networks are good for social selling and how they can be used differently. I’m going to assume you know that Linkedin is perfect for social selling so it won’t be on the list.


Everyone from prospects to clients are on Facebook, in fact it has 1.44 billion users, which makes it the biggest community on earth. This explains why there are thousands of businesses with accounts but it’s not always the best place to be; it may have a negative impact. It’s difficult to separate the professional from the personal on Facebook – users don’t want to be sold to especially on their time off. If you do decide to take this route keep a few things in mind. Number 1, expect a two-way conversation, users won’t take your advice as gospel, so be prepared for their questions. Number 2, any public discussion stays public, it’s doesn’t get lost in a sea of tweets and it doesn’t delete after it’s been read. With that in mind it’s important to choose your words carefully.


Twitter is a great place to reach out to prospects or share a quick tip or two. It’s fast direct and excels where Facebook fails, be sure to check out our blog post dedicated to social selling on Twitter.


Youtube may take the most effort but it’s a becoming a brilliant arena for B2C and B2B communication. Too many posts go unnoticed but bite size videos can be a welcome break to any office worker. If you’re a sales exec check out Jeffery Gitomer, he hosts one of the best sales training channels and has over 28,000 subscribers tuned in. It isn’t just advice videos that do well, some brands have even created their own cult following, take Blendtec for example and their “will it blend” catchphrase. If you can share your expertise and make it entertaining – it’s priceless.

Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat

These networks are becoming increasingly popular with big brands and little sales teams alike but are they actually helpful? I can think of a few niche businesses that could benefit from using these platforms but does it fit your industry? With these networks it’s crucial to show a totally unique personality. This doesn’t mean 101 photos of the team at the pub! Try to encapsulate the culture and ethos of your business. Be sure to check in with the Ebsta blog in the weeks to come because we are going to be delving deeper into the world of social selling. In the meantime check out the social selling ebook from Salesforce and our very own guide to the new LinkedIn user interface.

Dominik Kondziela

As part of the marketing team at Ebsta, I help write and publish our online content. From Slideshares to blog posts and tweets, we share our wide knowledge in CRM adoption and sales productivity.

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