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Revealed! The Secret to Successful Customer Engagement


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We love our customers. They make the Ebsta world go round and that’s why we want to share their stories, listen to their questions and involve them in everything that we can. By doing this, we not only build long-lasting working relationships but we get to know the organisations and the people behind the generic ‘customer’ label. Our ultimate goal has always been to provide organisations across the globe with the means to deliver the best customer service possible. Here’s a few other pointers to help you be your customers’ number one:

Social Media

For the millennial Marketer, social media is a playground – you have the ability to market the brand for free and build a fantastic rapport with customers. However, the majority of Marketers focus far too heavily on publicising content or promoting their product/service that they forget about sparking a conversation with the people that matter. A shocking statistic revealed that 58% of Marketers say that they only use social media for product marketing which is hugely detrimental to customer engagement. So how do you utilize this platform for customer engagement? Firstly, a lot of customers take to social media to ask questions so make sure your response rate is quick and provides a useful answer. Remember that more people than just your intended recipient will be reading your reply and it will reveal more about your company than one of your more generic Tweets.   Blog 1 Similarly, (if you’re lucky) customers or prospects will take to social media to compliment you which too demands a reply. Be natural with it – make it obvious that it isn’t a robot answering them. A little smidgen of humour never hurt anyone especially those of us who enjoy a hash-tagging frenzy. Blog 2 Remember that it will be more than just your recipient that reads your response so ensure you provide a positive experience. social media stat

Case Studies

Your customers are your greatest asset and involving them in a Case Study allows you to get to know their goals and challenges and it’s a great way to prove to potential customers that you deliver on your promises. They can hugely impact the buyer’s journey so getting it ‘right’ is imperative to your marketing campaign. Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 15.47.40 However, it’s important to remember that a Case Study isn’t just about promoting your product/service, it is about engaging with customers and working together to create something useful for others. This process is powerful for a Marketer so they can get to know who their Brand Ambassador’s are and how their product/service has helped other organisations. Here’s an example of our latest OnApp Case Study as a working example. That is, after all, what we write about every single day.


Most newsletters are drab and that’s not harsh, it’s true. When someone has an endless list of tasks baying for their time, it’s unlikely that they’re going to click on something that isn’t enticing so you must demand their attention. (Note, this doesn’t mean shouting, screaming, or sending an awkward GIF). Work out what they care about, what will help them, what questions your newsletter can answer for them and use these as the prime hook. Then, it’s all down to your creativity – you don’t have to be a Graphics Designer to make something look interesting but it’s important to note that images are key to breaking up long blocks of text. If you don’t currently send out newsletters, give it some consideration. They tend to go out once a month so you can condense all of your most relevant and exciting news into a few impactful pages. Once you’ve put a plan together, put a sign up for a newsletter pop up somewhere on your site. It doesn’t have to be spam-like, it can be neatly organised on the side of a page. Alternatively, you can put it on your team’s email signatures so people can simply click a link, sign up and be good to go! For the time-hungry folks amongst us, quick and efficient sign ups are what dreams are made of. Blog 3   Don’t forget that you too can sign up for your customers’ newsletters as a way to ‘join the conversation’ – engagement requires both parties to participate so get ready to ‘party’ the business way (it can be fun, we promise).


It’s funny how most people forget about the origin of conversation and skip straight to the new interactive world for customer engagement. Emails are all good and well and are undoubtedly the most used form of communication but, much like their predecessor, the letter, you should never underestimate the power of one to one conversation. Building relationships in the fresh can be far more powerful than an introduction in their inbox given that first impressions are made within 7 seconds. Plan of action? Use a spare (although rare) 5 minutes to research networking events that your customers are either attending or hosting and sign yourself up! Nine times out of ten, a trusty cocktail is thrown into the mix so it will be all Cosmopolitans at dawn for the brave ones amongst us. Don’t forget that there are huge events across the globe that can also give you the perfect opportunity to discover more about your customers – Cue our old favourite, Dreamforce networking. Blog 4  

Phone Calls

Picture the scene. It’s a Monday morning. It’s pouring with rain (if you’re in London) and you’re already wishing for the weekend. What could be better than a friendly voice on the end of the phone? Giving your customers a call to see how they’re getting on with your product/service will do a world of good. Not only can you mull over the weekend together but you can make each other’s day that little bit brighter with your enthusiasm and genuine interest. By making the call when your time is precious, your customer will undoubtedly appreciate the gesture. (I too appreciate the gesture any Monday morning!)

Customer Engagement Success

Customer engagement is such a throw away statement that it scarcely has meaning anymore. Words, conversation, laughter, satisfaction – they’re the words that you should associate with your customers so make them happen. We’re open to speaking to anyone, any time and not only because we’re trying to get out of the to-do list that’s warranting our attention! When thinking of customer engagement, you should also start developing your customer retention strategy to ensure you keep those happy customers on-board!  
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Katrina Holmes

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