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We’ve Solved the Alien Concept of Team Engagement!


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Team engagement is an alien concept to a lot of companies. Why? Because employees should supposedly be engaged purely by the enjoyment of their job role. However, it seems the majority of us need a little more motivation. According to an infographic on Workplace Happiness: The High Cost of Unhappy Employees by, 70% of US workers are disengaged and disengaged workers cost the US between $450-$550 billion each year in lost productivity. By solving this issue, you will skyrocket productivity and hopefully, skyrocket the amount of reasons why your employees want to work for you. Here are the 4 areas to cover when you want to increase team engagement and ultimately, why:

Unique Company Culture

Team engagement heavily depends on the type of company culture you have. If you’re a fun, innovative tech start-up, a couple of office MonoRovers could have your sales team cruising to success. If you’re a little more formal, consider a group lunch or dinner somewhere – nothing beats good conversation in good company. Whatever you decide your brand represents, make a list of activities that coincides with it. Maybe you always knock the competition out the park? Consider bowling. See what works for you and have your team feeling the culture unique to your organisation. Ebsta-Bowling

Maintaining Positive Morale

Team morale is important to both your organisation and to your employee. No one wants an employee unhappy in the workplace because it’s where they tend to spend the majority of their time. Boost team morale and drive productivity by showing that they’re valued. Get them to conduct a company quiz for the team, plan a fun night out in the hustle and bustle of a swanky bar or even better, get everyone to dress up in fancy dress and donate money to charity. As the old cliché goes, happiness is found within and it’s a well known fact that when we give back to those in need, we instantly feel better about ourselves. Winning-Team-Ebsta-Quiz Here at Ebsta, we held an after work quiz at our local bar and separated into 3 teams. The competitive spirit drew laughter (and a never before seen desire to win) and allowed us to all spend some quality time outside of the office together. Just to make sure that everyone tried their best, it was agreed that whichever team lost would have to buy everyone in the office breakfast on Friday morning. Hello to our good friends, the McMuffins. Mcdonalds-Breakfast

Strong Work Relationships

Working together can be stressful so it’s important to see people outside of the work environment. This gives you the perfect opportunity to rebuild any relationships that might have been strained by mid-week stresses and lengthy to-do lists. Why not clear any work-related arguments on the football pitch in a youthful game of five a side? Turning irritations into sport is a good way to de-stress and work as a team. Working relationships are also damaged when recognition isn’t shown. According to an infographic by Fine Awards on Workplace Recognition, 69% of employees said that they would work harder if they were better recognised at work. Whether it’s a shout out in the morning meeting or an email around to the team, there’s no harm in praising good quality work. At Ebsta, we recently introduced the ‘Rockstar of the Month’ award that is given out at our monthly company update. With a certificate and a photo ready to be put on our Wall of Fame, our employees always leave knowing their hard work at Ebsta hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Your Competition

Every company in every industry has a competitor knocking at their door. Someone who claims to be everything that you are and more so don’t give into them and lose your much-needed office talent. Have one to one meetings to answer any questions or concerns employees may have – this way they’re more likely to open up and be honest than when approaching you themselves. If you don’t, they could be sat at home searching the job websites looking for an employer that would. Assign an office photographer and get your department photographs on social media. Social media is a great platform for your team to feel part of something bigger – get them Tweeting, Facebook-liking and sharing on LinkedIn! Importantly, fend off any waiting head-hunters and show them your team is a strong unit. The-Ebsta-Team At Ebsta, we’re all one big family .We work long hours but enjoy spending time outside of work playing pub quizzes. We have our daily challenges but fundamentally, we’ve learnt how to ensure we keep a positive morale and find a healthy balance between work and fun. Team engagement is what makes your company what it is; it ensures your employees enjoy working for you, increases productivity and sets you aside from others in your industry. According to Dale Carnegie Training, there are ‘4 traits engaged employees exhibit – enthusiasm, empowered, inspired and confidence’. If you have all four, you have conquered the alien concept of team engagement. Our team all worked together to create a huge revolutionary tool in the CRM world. See how doing the above has helped us to build Ebsta Sync.

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