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The Most Shocking Tech Rumours Revealed


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As 2015 draws to an end, we can’t help but get carried away with the surge of tech rumours that are reaching fever pitch across the web. It may be a competitive Christmas jungle but these rumours are going to revolutionise the way the world worksWe’ve put together a list of the rumours that have been getting us hot under the collar for more than just speculation:

Microsoft IllumiRoom

Microsoft have really out done themselves with this beauty although it’s been kept on the down low whether or not they’re going to commercialise it for a 2016 release. If you enjoy gaming, you will be taken on a whole new adventure with IllumiRoom. It transforms the area around your TV and makes it seem like your part of the game environment. Skiing down the slopes in your Xbox game? You can be right there in the Alps in your living room. We want one for the office already.  

Samsung Youm Concept

2016 could be the year that the Samsung Youm Concept changes the game. We couldn’t believe our eyes when we watched Samsung’s advertisement video and couldn’t believe it even more when we heard it could be due for release. A phone and tablet combined into one that has full flexibility to the point where it can bend. We’ve definitely come a long way since the Nokia 33’10. Its curved shape allows for a comfortable hold and the ability to decide if you want the full tablet screen or the phone screen. Our hearts are racing!  

360 Degree Cameras

We’ve heard rumours of these for a long time but have always been left out in the cold. However, we’ve now seen that GoPro and Facebook have teamed up together to deliver an immersive 360 experience ready for release in 2016. We’ve already had snippets of surfing across the ocean and an adventure in North Korea so we hope that all this excitement is spurring us on for the big finale – their release!

LG Wallpaper TV

TVs have gradually been getting thinner and thinner but LG have taken it to a whole new level. We’re hoping that their much-anticipated LG Wallpaper TV will be on our walls in 2016. It uses magnets to stay on the wall and weighs as much as your average laptop but its best feature is that it’s only 1mm thick. It is slick, innovative and gives a treat of a picture. This TV will have more than just magnetic attraction! These are just rumours although we hope that they’ll be on our Christmas lists this time next year! 2015 has delivered some of the greatest tech on the market but after what we’ve been seeing, 2016 is set to put a whole new meaning to trendsetter.   One tech rumour that is definitely true is that our revolutionary new Salesforce email integration unlocks 100% accurate data. Check out Ebsta Enterprise now!

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