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Techmunch: Salad Special


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Welcome to Techmunch: the monthly food blog by the hungry techies at Ebsta. After reviews of noodles, pizza and burritos, we decided this month we would detox with a selection of salads. So without further-a-do lets crunch croutons, slice tomato’s and tuck into some salad.

Pure 80/100

Amongst a fog of pasta, pitta, falafel and cous cous, it’s difficult to get a really honest and green salad. Is it impossible to get a tasty AND healthy salad? Pure might just be the answer. Their menu of freshly made lunch boxes are a great balance of healthy and delicious. Either choose from the menu or create your own selection of ingredients, but beware all those choices add up in £. After buying a salad and a coke it’s easy to end up paying £9, which for this lunch was a bit steep. It’s a healthy treat but we won’t be saying goodbye to pizzas and burgers. Best bits: It’s pure!, Large choice Worst bits: Expensive

Morrisons Salad Bar 68/100

There isn’t much to say about the Morrisons salad bar. A large selection of mayonnaise pastas, hard boiled eggs, grated carrot and salad leaves, it’s not exactly exciting. What Morrisons lacks in quality it certainly punches back with quantity. A large box is super cheap but who wants to eat a bucket of mayo? Best bits: Super cheap Worst bits: Not fresh, mass produced.

Savage Salads 90/100

Rivalling the queues of Pitstop Café, on Berwick street food market, is Savage Salads. If you can put up with the wait, you’re in for a treat. For just a fiver you get a box jam packed with 4 different salads topped with chicken, halloumi and pitta. That’s what makes Savage Salads different. It’s brimming with vitamins, fibre and protein but not at the expense of some delicious treats. We challenge you to find a better lunch! Best bits: Unique selection of salads Worst bits: Long queues!

Here’s how those results have affected the leader board.

Savage Salads                     90

Pit-Stop Café                        85

Piccolo forno                        85

Meat Market                        83

Pure                                       80

Tonkatsu                               80

Yoshino                                 79

Wahacca                               78

Chipotle                                 76

Morrisons Salad Bar          68

Wasabi                                  63

Be sure to check out our other reviews to find out which are our favourite places to eat.

Dominik Kondziela

As part of the marketing team at Ebsta, I help write and publish our online content. From Slideshares to blog posts and tweets, we share our wide knowledge in CRM adoption and sales productivity.

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