The Ultimate Email Tracking Guide for Recruiters

85% of recruiters rely on email as their top channel to contact and build relationships with talent. Email is still number one. Your inbox is constantly filled with résumé and communications with potential new hires as well as clients looking to fill positions. Recruiting top talent typically involves going back and forth via email with applicants, so it’s important to know if the recipient is viewing and responding to your emails. Email tracking is important for Recruiters in order to see if their outreach is successful.

Just as email Marketers track their open rates, Recruiters should do the same with their own emails. Since communicating back and forth can be time-consuming, a specialized tool that can track views and responses can be very helpful. This is especially true for a Recruiter with a lot of positions to fill.

How does Email Tracking Work?

Ebsta’s Email Tracking places an invisible image inside your email to the recipient and once they open it, you’ll be alerted that they did. To make your job as a Recruiter easier, you can gauge the open rate of your communication with potential candidates for open positions.

How Can Recruiters Use Email Tracking?

With email tracking, you can find out the following information:

1. If a Candidate Has Opened Your Email
As you’re sending an email you can simply tick a box that turns on tracking. Whenever that email is opened by a recipient you will be immediately notified through a pop-up. The pop-up tells you when someone has opened your mail.

2. What Time They Opened Your Email
If you find that a specific person opens your email in the morning, sending to them again at that time will increase your chance of capturing their attention.

If you find most of your recipients opens your emails at a specific time, send future emails at that time to increase engagement.

3. Where They Opened Your Email
If a candidate opens your email on a mobile device, you can probably guarantee they’re using their cellphone at the time.

If you’re pro-active, you could be phoning them 5 minutes later to “follow up”, feigning surprise when they say “that’s a coincidence, I was just reading your email….”. You gotta strike while the iron is hot and there is no better time than when a prospect has just absorbed your message.

For example, you send an email to a client with a quote for outsourcing a team of 3 for their company. After three days she hadn’t replied but then you see that she opened your email 2 days later. 

20 minutes later, it opened again, and again a few minutes after that. The next morning it was opened twice more. We can conclude that she was showing it to her colleagues!

By the next day she responded to your email confirming the quote with a go ahead…Brilliant stuff!

Even if you’re not there when the alert comes in, you can go back and see which emails were opened and which weren’t, allowing you to prioritise your follow up to call the people who definitely saw your email first. 

And the beautiful thing is that the recipient is oblivious to the fact that you have this technology! 

Ebsta’s Email Tracking Report

Using your personalize dashboard called the “Ebsta Console” will allow you to view a summary of all outbound emails by either yourself, or by fellow colleagues. This data can be used to understand the best-performing email subject lines, as well as the click and open rates on the email and any links that you’ve included in the email body. 

PS – you will actually know if a candidate has read the job spec you linked to. 

CRM integration

Ebsta integrates with Salesforce and Bullhorn, meaning that your emails can seamlessly be synced with the relevant contact within your CRM system. No need to copy or paste or remember to add a note. 

Final Thoughts

As Recruiters, we are always looking for a new resource for finding new talent for open jobs companies are hiring for. Knowing how to properly use one of these email tracking tools is key and could help us to find qualified talent at an astounding rate!

Add Email Tracking to your inbox by trialing our Ebsta Inbox Solution.

Speak with our experts and see how Ebsta will help improve your sales

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