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Our VP of Sales Reveals How Ebsta has Become His Second Family


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Oliver Squires is our VP of Sales here at Ebsta Headquarters in Central London. Although he is by far the joker of the pack, he leads a successful Sales team with unwavering passion for achieving great CRM and the ability to build long-lasting customer relationships.

When joining Ebsta, you’ll be part of our future…

In the next 5 years, I expect to see Ebsta as the number one go-to app for any form of email integration on any CRM platform. I’d like to think we’re going to branch out across Europe with satellite offices in the major cities. Would it be cheeky to say I want an Ebsta tower next to the Salesforce tower but with one floor bigger? Fundamentally, I want our core team to remain and become our leaders for tomorrow. It’s cliché but we are a family and we want to keep adding to it.

Your Journey at Ebsta

I started off as a Business Development Rep for our CEO, Guy Rubin in the days before we had an office. I joined him in meetings face to face and sat in on calls. After time, I worked my way ‘up the ladder’, putting in endless hours, giving my ideas and listening to feedback. Of course generating revenue too. When the team started to expand (and we finally found a home), I was ready to encourage, motivate and help the new sales reps. I was Team Ebsta from the get-go.

Why Ebsta?

I had always wanted to work for a company that was forward-thinking and innovative. Everyone has that moment in their career where they think ‘I want to change the game’ and I believed and still do that Ebsta is the perfect environment to achieve my goals.

Expanding your Skillset

The one thing to do when you work at Ebsta is to engulf yourself in all areas of the business – after all, we work with some of the greatest tech on the market. With the Marketing Director and the CEO sat opposite you, you have the perfect opportunity to learn just about anything and everything. By spending quality time with these individuals, you begin to grow as a person and gain the confidence to offer your ideas and visions. Stay committed and prove yourself – it’s not rocket science. Be the expert – be the best that you can be. If you get hired, master your job role. Then, if you start to grow a team, you get to lead them because you were a master. The one thing about Ebsta is that you can’t be a shrinking violet – be loud, be outgoing, be a voice. Every person here can dramatically impact the direction we take whether it’s ‘that button needs to be blue instead of red’ or something bigger. Regardless of the size of your comment, we have 35,000 users and it will change the way they use our product.

Culture Fit

Ebsta isn’t a place where people leave the office at 5 o’clock but hard work is appreciated and rewarded. We have our ‘downtime’ where we all go out for drinks, to party and generally relax together. Whatever anyone says, I am the reigning pool champion. We also get to spend a lot of time with the US team with a couple of us going throughout the year which gives us a chance to experience their culture and their way of doing things. Admittedly, it’s similar but with hard-core surfing added into the mix.

The Ebsta Team in 3 Words

Enthusiastic. Driven. Committed.

Sum Up Working at Ebsta

At Ebsta, we’re all one big family. It’s a concoction of just about everything; it’s challenging, exciting, demanding, forward-thinking, lots of work and lots of fun. We’re a team as well as a social group. The one thing we don’t have in common is football clubs.

Three Key Things You Look for in a BDR

  1. The ability to Listen. We all grow by learning and listening to others and that’s important in Sales
  2. Tenacity. Selling is all about determination and to be successful, you need that in abundance
  3. Confidence. Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone, engage in conversation and show off your personality. After all, a bit of flair never hurt anyone
Working at a tech start-up company is unlike any other, the journey is an enjoyable one especially when you’re amongst family. If you want to find out how to apply for our latest opportunities, click here and join us on our journey.

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