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Dreamforce 2016 – It’s More than Just Salesforce


Ebsta Team at Dreamforce
With an omnipotent event like Dreamforce where thousands of Sales-driven individuals and technology enthusiasts come together to celebrate innovation in its finest form, you’d expect the key takeaway to be how to increase business revenue. It was, however, a different takeaway that seemed to grasp us all in the Salesforce village that quickly became our home for 4 days. In the words of a little-known man called Albert Einstein – ‘Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile’.

Benioff’s Dreamforce Keynote

The much-anticipated Benioff keynote was overflowing with Dreamforcers waiting with baited breath and hoping the inspiration was going to be contagious. Luckily for them, it almost felt like it was. Benioff spoke of the ‘Ohana culture’ and how that has led to a community – ‘Communities are the key. When we all come together in a community, that’s when we can fight back even the darkest forces.’ With this and the latest developments in the Salesforce products, it was definitely one to remember.

The Power of Positive Energy

Tony Robbins began his keynote by stating that he wasn’t, contrary to popular belief, a ‘motivational speaker’. Instead, he said that he simply highlights the importance of decision-making in both our work lives and personal lives. Although sounding like a relatively ordinary concept that we could easily have initiated alone, Robbins proved his point by asking the audience to raise their hands if they had stayed in a situation longer than they should have. Inevitably, hundreds of people raised their hands. Again, he asked the audience to tell them why they chose to do this and multiple reasons were given – fear being the loudest shouted. Robbins went on to discuss how decision-making can affect our lives ‘Business is all decisions; your life is decisions. Decision-making is what frees us’ and passionately described the need to be ‘energy rich, not energy-poor’ in order to make these decisions. As an outsider looking in on this dancing, singing, clapping audience and a loud, strong, story-telling Robbins, it was difficult not to believe in what he was saying. If we could all take on-board this simple advice on our adventure through life, maybe we’d be far more successful that we first set out to be.

The Ebsta Hat Off

Based in the Expo hall, we were immersed in a flurry of new technologies that were giving away an abundance of pens, chargers and in our case, bright red hats. We wanted to engage with as many people as possible and what better way to do it than to get them to wear a hat and Tweet a selfie of themselves in it for good measure. Here are some of our prize-winners: Thank you to all of the people that took part – you looked awesome!

Giving Back at Dreamforce

The Salesforce community is known for getting involved in the charitable efforts at Dreamforce such as last year’s ‘1 million books’ campaign to get more children reading. This year saw the drive to raise $1 million for RED, the charity that aims to fight Aids in Africa. Combine this with the four themed days: education, health, equality for all and compassion where attendees could buy lemonade from young entrepreneurs or pack medicine packages, and you can see how Salesforce’s philanthropic efforts can make a difference. We had an incredible time at Dreamforce and met some incredible people but most of all, we felt part of a community that is far bigger than just Salesforce – it’s world-changing.
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