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Why All of Our Customers Have a Friend in Freddie


It was a cold day in January and the first speckles of white were dancing past the office windows. As we sat huddled in jumpers, hands lingering against the warmth from cups of freshly brewed coffee, a young man strolled in. Dressed in a crisp blue shirt buttoned to the collar  and neatly-pressed trousers, he made our leg warmers and flashing Christmas socks feel slightly embarrassed. He smiled as he introduced himself before being ushered into the meeting room for the interview. This was Freddie and his positivity was a force stronger than the blustery London wind that had very nearly swept us off our feet that same morning.

First Impressions of Ebsta

Two weeks later, Freddie was working full time at Ebsta. Welcomed into Sales by a team eager to catch his contagious enthusiasm, Freddie fit Ebsta like a glove.  “Working at Ebsta seemed exciting, not only because it had grass as carpet but because it had a mission and they trusted enough in the team to whole-heartedly believe that they were going to achieve it. It’s one of those places where you instantly feel like you’re going to be part of something big. That attracted me because it felt like there was no limit to how much you could learn and how far you could progress. As a Junior, this was the perfect place to start my career.”

Learning Opportunities

After spending time getting to grips with the sales process, Freddie was keen to get under the skin of the Ebsta products. He joined the Tech team and began a stint as our Support Executive. After weeks of sitting in on meetings, gaining support from the team and partaking in typical tech-style messy diagrams on whiteboards, Freddie was an Ebsta pro. “I’m continuously learning from anyone that I can. Luckily, I sit opposite the CEO so I’m exposed to so many learning opportunities. Separate to that, Edd, the Tech Lead, sat down with me one to one and gave me his time and that’s where a lot of my Ebsta education came from!”

The Role of Salesforce

Freddie is now the first port of call for our Ebsta customers, ready and willing to help with any vying questions stopping them from getting the most out of the Ebsta products. He firmly believes in building strong rapport with customers so they are encouraged to keep open communication with us at all times. But, what he has found to be most beneficial is his use of Salesforce. “I’m on Salesforce all day every day as it’s the only way to manage my Accounts, build reports and focus on customer success without dividing my time between multiple documents. One of the main plus points of using Salesforce is seeing points of contact and gauging whether they’re engaged or not. It’s also really useful to be able to build reports that can make the Customer Success process more efficient and that’s why I’ve built a report off a custom ‘Date Since Purchased’ field so that I track how customers are progressing as I work on more and more Accounts.” CRM to the modest User can be a technological minefield with less of the Battleship fun online minefields are associated. However, there are resources available that can have you breezing through Salesforce like it’s been a friend for life. “I always want to increase my learning, especially with Salesforce as it’s such an integral part of our product and our team. It is at the core of everything we do here at Ebsta and having a clear understanding of it puts you at the forefront of exactly what’s going on with Marketing, Sales and Customer Success. I champion Trailhead for helping me for the most part as it guides you through the basics and into the harder modules step-by-step, assuming that the User knows nothing (which is definitely a good thing!).”   

Future with Ebsta               

The ‘career ladder’ is this majestic fixture that seems to exist somewhere between our imagination and our reality. Steps plated in expensive gold reflect off glistening eyes with the belief that every step will get you further into the cloudy mystery of ‘success’. But instead of fantasising about the dizzy depths of this ladder, that, like most, you are afraid to climb, the only thing you’ve got to do is take one step at a time. “I’ve still got a long way to go but eventually I’d like to take the Salesforce certifications and become a Certified Administrator. Then, I’d like to manage a team and build strategies that the team can utilise to continuously achieve net-negative churn.” Here at Ebsta, we believe that learning is much like a compass; it helps navigate to your correct destination. Freddie has engulfed this belief and worked it into his role which has taken him from strength to strength. When asked what advice he would give to others who start in a similar situation, he answered: “Take on a role in a sector you’re interested in and put your whole self into it. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a role that’s at the top of its game, because ultimately, we all have to start somewhere and grow and work our way up. It’s also important to spend time outside of work ensuring that you are growing – use resources, read, test, trial and practise. The reality is – don’t waste time, just do.” As January fast approaches and the first speckles of white are preparing to dance past our office windows once again, Freddie is enjoying his year anniversary at Ebsta. Here’s to another!

Katrina Holmes

Hey, I'm the Content Manager at Ebsta responsible for creating and maintaining our web content, blogs and our hip 'n' happening social media presence.

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