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Why Sales Challenges are More of a Fright than Halloween


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As Halloween fast approaches, the inevitable influx of ghosts and ghouls start making their way into the office. However, it isn’t just role play and fancy dress that has people quaking in their boots. In Sales, every day unleashes spooks that scare them to their very core and those spooks comprise of some of the biggest sales challenges in the industry.

Sales Challenges

Sales challenges are the real scream-fests when it comes to October 31st. Forget putting on one of the old classics, the Shining really won’t scare these Reps. The real scares for the modern-day Reps are more likely to be fighting CRM systems, dealing with inaccurate data and generating good quality Leads. It doesn’t take a sleuth like Sherlock to work out that with a combination of these three, it won’t just be Friday 13th that is the worst day of the working week. Struggling to get through to the right people and trouncing through endless websites trying to find the one correct contact number is a catastrophic waste of time. Pair that with the lack of Leads, a heap of old school cold calling and a CRM system that requires manual data entry at every avenue, and you have one fed up Rep.

The Reality of Sales

Hitting sales targets can be a little like dealing with Freddie Krueger – you can’t go to sleep at night. Whether it’s due to unachievable KPIs,  Sales Reps’ mistakes or poor Sales processes, Sales Reps are left battling through the minefield of an apocalyptic world without the promise that they will eventually hit their targets 28 days later. But there is a solution and it doesn’t require hiding out in a cabin in the woods for Halloween to blow over.

Ebsta Solves Sales Challenges

The Sales Reps at Ebsta have been those people, struggling every day to get access to accurate data that can help them make a sale and that’s why we understand the value of having quality data when and as you need it. Dawn of the Dead got it spot on way back in 1978, it’s ‘one stop shopping: everything you need, right at your fingertips’ (although we’re sure they weren’t talking about access to Salesforce). Ebsta doesn’t just reveal the contact details you need – it gives you vital insight into the history of communication that you’ve had with a prospect/customer in Salesforce. Simply connect your mailbox and it will sync 100% of emails and contact details into Salesforce without asking you to do a thing giving you the most up-to-date, accurate data possible – it brings a whole new meaning to sending shivers down your spine!

State of Sales

We promise to put an end to the constant scare of sales challenges so we don’t have to use Halloween metaphors all year round. The real reason? Because we conducted a survey of over 1500 people for our State of Sales Report 2016 and what we found proved that Reps need to utilise tools like Ebsta. Stay tuned for the big release of our State of Sales Report 2016 in January and don’t forget to stock up on garlic before Halloween rolls around!  
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