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What has the Salesforce Winter Release got in store for Salesforce Admins?


Winter Release Salesforce Admins
Salesforce Admin Tips
If you haven’t got oodles of time to spend reading though 343 pages of Salesforce Winter ‘15 release notes you have come to the right place. Here are my highlights for what’s in store for Salesforce Administrators and how they’re increasing chances of CRM success within the update hitting our screens next week.

Lightening UI

The sleek new user interface for Salesforce will be available to toggle on and off on a per user basis in the Salesforce Winter Release – great for letting Admins have a play on their own user account. It’s fair to say there is a lot missing on this first run out. For instance, Related Lists and Custom Objects are not supported and things like custom buttons and pages coded in visual force will not transfer over without quite a bit of tinkering. Much more is going to be included in the Spring release and at least for now you can begin to get your head around the requirements for implementing Lightening UI. A word of warning – Sales Console for SalesCloud will be updated to Lightening UI and there will be no option to revert back to the current UI. If you use Sales Console, you may want to have a think about how it will effect your users next week. Trailhead of course has all the information you need to Migrate to the Lightning Experience:

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Lightening Components

For the technically astute amongst us, the Lightening Components framework available in BETA of Winter Release is a big thing. Based on the open source Aura framework, Lightening Components is essentially the framework used to build the Salesforce1 mobile application and allows users to develop fully dynamic mobile and web applications at speed. Because you will be developing from scratch, Lightening Components are not restricted by the same issues stated above with Lightning UI. You can learn all about Lightening Components and how to implement them in your organisation on this 9 step developer trail on Trailhead:

Salesforce1 Setup

Those of us that use Salesforce1 will know that controlling global components to date has been somewhat clunky. The winter release update to Salesforce1 gives you the ability to easily configure the following Salesforce1 settings which apply to all users in your organization.
  • Specify which items appear in the navigation menu
  • Organise global actions
  • Create custom compact layouts for contacts

SalesforceA Mobile App 

SalesforceA hasn’t gained the exposure of it’s big brother Salesforce1 but it’s an awesome Salesforce Admin utility. The mobile app allows Salesforce administrator to perform essential day-to-day user management tasks including editing user details, resetting passwords, assigning permission sets, and unlocking, freezing, and deactivating user accounts all from your mobile device. The A is naturally going to stand for #Admin or #Awesome or both! Download SalesforceA From ITunes Supported devices: Apple iPhone and iPod Touch with iOS 5.0 or higher Download SalesforceA for Andoird Supported devices: Android phone or tablet with OS 2.2 or higher.

Winter Release for Developers

There are a bunch of features for developers including improved testing, ConnectAPI Batch Post (Chatter in Apex)  and new ASync features. You can find out more about that here:

When is it happening?

Salesforce Winter Release will be hitting your screens on the 16th/17th of October. You can check exactly when your organization will be effected on the Salesforce Trust Calendar:

Ricky Wheeler

Ricky Wheeler is CMO at Ebsta, responsible for all aspects of Brand, Product and Communications.

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