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The 5 Worst Work Moments that Stop that #FridayFeeling


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It’s Friday. You’ve leapt out of bed, sang along to your favourite Bieber tune and set off on your final day of work for the week. It is an exceptional moment in the human journey; the realisation that the weekend is nearly upon us. But before we become delirious with thoughts of our good friend, Saturday, there are five vital fails that can have devastating effects on your Friday. Try not to weep as you read:

“No Coffee”

When we hold the first morning coffee in our hands, a feeling that can only be compared to love sweeps over us. It is silky heaven in a cup that addresses you in a way that no one else can, allowing you to go forth with your day, safe in the knowledge that your next cup of bliss will await you tomorrow morning. But what happens when it doesn’t? When you arrive at work and those dreaded, fateful words are muttered ‘No coffee’, and you are instantly sucked into a whirlpool of despair. You stand there, amongst the gaggle of people that are stood open-mouthed, aghast and spot the tumbleweed that breezes past, downcast by the whole sorry affair. This is why lack of coffee is our number one Friday fail. We hope you had your cup today.

Train Delayed

The sun is shining, your Twitter is dancing with hilarious #FridayFeeling GIFS and you’re in the mood to do a cheeky Cha Cha onto the platform. But hang on a second. What’s that? Train delayed. A double take of the platform board incurs before a silent tut that grows louder and louder as you look from commuter to commuter then at your watch. So you wait, for seconds, minutes, hours until you hear the welcoming noise of an approaching train. The relief has never tasted sweeter. You are now 45 minutes late and balancing on a train so packed with people that you can smell what the other commuters have had for breakfast. Utter disaster.

“I Can Do 6 O’clock?”

You’re humming away at your desk, scanning social media for all the fun things in life and then it happens. The most unwanted email sits knowingly in your inbox full of glee and day-ruining content. You’ve waited weeks for a meeting with Mr CEO and he’s considered you the invisible person until now. But unbeknownst to you, he has noticed your endless emails, missed phone calls and almost begging on bended knees and decided that today, on a Friday, at 6pm, he is free for your hour long chat. It’s enough to make you shed a tear.

Major Issue

Fridays understand you – you’ve had a long week, you’re tired, Wednesday’s evening out is still proving to be a heavy toll on you. So it’s a day to kickback, relax, have a laugh or two with the anecdote on LinkedIn that only the #FridayFeeling folk amongst you would ‘get’. As you’re laughing, eyes glistening with an almost-tear hovering close to the edge, the whole department goes into meltdown. There’s been a ‘major issue’ – there’s a freefall of panic and you have to be ready to dive headfirst into the mess. You close your LinkedIn window, wave goodbye to the Spotify playlist that tempts you and begrudgingly get on with saving the whole company and everyone in it. Fridays aren’t meant for superheroes.

Lone Wolf

You’ve been looking forward to it since Monday. Your outfit has been hung outside your wardrobe like a proud reminder of the night to come. You feel glorious in the knowledge that Friday night will be one to remember – a story to laugh about during the awkward bathroom exchange sometime the following week. As 6pm approaches, you’re feeling ready. A night out is just what you need to celebrate the end of another week survived. Then, someone cancels, last minute with no warning or legitimate excuse and then they start pouring in like you’ve offended the whole office and it’s dog. At the end of all the air kisses and brisk handshakes, you are left with the prospect of Friday night TV and a takeaway. Tragic really. So before we get carried away with the sheer pleasure of the F word, lets take James Bay’s advice and hold back the river until these fatal foes sweep on by and leave us with a Friday that we want to remember.

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