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Work Smarter, Not Harder!


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So your work has started piling up and no matter how hard you work it just seems to get tougher. Perhaps you’ve started getting in to work earlier and staying later but it’s not working. Maybe you haven’t set your sights properly or maybe it’s a workflow issue. Don’t despair, here are some of the ways that the folks at Ebsta get the most out of there 9 toht 5. It isn’t rocket science and some of it is common sense but you’d be surprised how often people forget these tips for being productive.

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When I say list, I mean thoroughly list. Categorize, prioritize, colour code, checklist, outline, map or bullet point, do whatever it takes to scale your tasks. Turn a mountain of work into bitesize chunks and it immediately feel achievable. We shouldn’t have to remind you of why a list is important but you’d be shocked to find out how many offices lack a coherent direction or focus.


It’s easy to take on too much work, especially when starting a new job or trying to impress a boss. It quickly snowballs out of control and before you know it the list is bigger than an iceberg. Asking for help can often be seen as a sign of weakness but it’s not. The best businesses collaborate and share expertise. Hiding behind a mountain of work will grind your productivity down so don’t push the limit too far.


Whether it’s a quick coffee trip, playing a bit of music or just watching a funny video, taking a break is vital. Brief breaks in your work will boost your performance. Concentration can take it’s toll so it’s important to fit little interruptions into a work day. Reset your focus and tackle the task with a rejuvenated mind.


I couldn’t post this blog without mentioning a must have tool for productivity. Our Gmail and Linkedin integrations for Salesforce are the perfect way to have business intelligence wherever you are on the Internet. Forget clicking between screens and navigating away from your workflow to view your CRM, it’s that simple. The first 3 users of your business are totally free so give it a try today.


Whether it’s staring down at your phone or gazing at a monitor, we’re spending our lives hooked in to technology. Oblivious to the periphery and focusing on emails we can struggle to shut off from technology. As a result we become bleary eyed and hunched over, productivity decreases, stress builds and insomnia kicks in. Therefore it’s no surprise that unplugging has become a major trend. Perhaps it sounds dramatic but even the guys at Mashable agree with us. Set a deadline for each day and the weekend when you unplug and stick to it!

Here at Ebsta we’re always obsessed with productivity. Whether it’s putting CRM inside your workflow or just sharing some quick tips we want to give your business the head start. So be sure to check out the other Ebsta blogs or our Slideshare page if you want to see how we do this and if you find any of these tips helpful please let us know.


Dominik Kondziela

As part of the marketing team at Ebsta, I help write and publish our online content. From Slideshares to blog posts and tweets, we share our wide knowledge in CRM adoption and sales productivity.

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