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My First Days Working at a Tech Start-up


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Before I get that early week feeling and start romanticising about working at a tech start-up, allow me to introduce myself (virtually). I’m Katrina and I’m the new word-loving, Latte-slugging, creatively crazy Content Executive here at Ebsta in the big smoke. My job is to create inspiring content which includes blogs, social media, press releases and customer success stories. I’m on a whirlwind journey right now but hope to deliver well for you in these dangerously unfunny blog posts. Tech start-ups are the best places in the world to work. If you’ve never been lucky enough to experience working at one, I’m going to open the Ebsta doors and show you why I have fallen truly in love with start-up life.

Ebsta Environment

I will openly admit that I was a shaking, bumbling mess when preparing for my interview. I tried to focus on all the best advice that people had offered me although I knew that the old ‘picture everyone in the room naked’ wasn’t going to be my survival technique. Tech start-ups are known for their relaxed dress code but like a typical newbie, I turned up completely over-dressed. It seems that denim on denim is, unfortunately, acceptable. When I first walked into the office, I was expecting something straight out of the Wall Street film like a classic corporate-thinking fool. What greeted me instead was an office that was full of character; grass as carpet (picture Wimbledon indoors), loud red leather couches fresh out the ‘60’s and the Ebsta logo sprawled across the wall. It wasn’t until I was sat comfortably on the couches that I noticed the Xbox, large TV and loaded beer fridge. Whilst I was feeling like the coolest person alive, little did I know that this was all typically tech. I knew I wanted to work here in an instant.

The Learning Curve

I was prepared to take on heaps of information but my learning curve has been mountainous. Being from an all writing background, I had limited knowledge of the tech industry and how important CRM is. So before anything, I had to get to grips with the basics and test it out for myself. First stop, the Ebsta product. I had to learn how to enhance the Salesforce experience of every user and department. One definite challenge. The tech wave continued when the marketing magic began. I was shown Buffer and Buzzsumo to help with social media, blogs and site traffic. I learnt more than I had since my university days. Whatever you think you know when starting out at a start-up, I can guarantee it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Be prepared to learn and open your mind to apps, ideas and strategies that you have never encountered before. After all, getting your hands dirty is all part of the fun.

Classic Culture

Tech start-ups are famous for their relaxed culture. Think coffee on tap, ice-creams during a rare London heatwave and work meetings at the local bar. Although we’re here long hours, we seem to find ways to make work life just that little bit more bearable. One of the best things is feeling like you’re part of a family unit. Here at Ebsta, we sit amongst ourselves openly discussing work issues. The old classic of a problem shared is a problem halved couldn’t be more fitting. The open-plan office is a huge benefit. I get to sit in on sales calls and customer demos whilst gaining bite-sized chunks of information from the low rumble of chatter around me. It’s the only time eavesdropping won’t get me in trouble. I sit on a desk near the sales team and it’s taken me a whole month to openly laugh at their phone voices. The other side of the room occupies the tech team that busy themselves with headphones in and a DO NOT DISTURB sign permanently above them. The management team, unlike other companies, sits in the middle of the room which gives the perfect opportunity to ask endless questions and learn from the masters at work. Like most start-ups, there’s limited resources but what we do have is a team of exceptionally talented people that believe in what we’re doing here. We’re Ebsta superheroes and I, for one, can’t wait to be the content superwoman.

Selling You the Start-up Dream

Working at a tech start-up is not for the faint-hearted. You’ll be joining a smaller team with extra responsibility on your shoulders. This may seem like a scary prospect but believe me, you won’t be left weeping into a leftover coffee cup from two days previous. You are at the core of the company and if you do your best, offer your talents, skills and all aspects of your creative mind, you will reap the benefits ten times over. Don’t forget that tech start-ups are going to revolutionise the future; they’re going to take over the world. This is my chance, big or small, to be part of change so I’m going to revel in it. Whilst I may have painted a picture that isn’t for everyone, I like the fact that the Founder of the company chats to me over a pack of Skittles whilst the tennis is on in the background. I like the fact that I’m never alone for lunch because we’re having a family picnic. But mostly, I like the fact that it feels like we’re all in on a massive secret and we’re waiting on the world to be ready. I’m team Ebsta all the way.

Katrina Holmes

Hey, I'm the Content Manager at Ebsta responsible for creating and maintaining our web content, blogs and our hip 'n' happening social media presence.

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