How CODE Technology Saves $1,350 Each Week Using Ebsta Inbox

Founded in 2008, CODE Technology is a Patient-Reported Outcome (PRO) Platform and a service to collect, report and benchmark Orthopedic PRO data as a service.


CODE Technology’s Sales, Marketing and Customer Success teams were spending a large amount of time going back and forth between Salesforce and their Gmail Inbox.

Their challenge was to log all emails, tasks, calls and meetings into Salesforce, which became a tedious process and often led to limited visibility of all client and prospect communication.

CODE Technology required a solution that would enable their teams to quickly edit Salesforce records from within their Gmail Inbox, as well as historically track all email interactions.

Ebsta helped CODE to streamline emails and better customer service

Saumya Pandey

Sales & Marketing Specialist, CODE Technology


Ebsta Inbox was installed, allowing CODE members to:

• Add emails into Salesforce instantly
• Link emails to multiple places in Salesforce, eg: Contacts, Opportunities, Accounts etc
• Use the Ebsta Bubble to edit Salesforce records whilst still within Gmail
• Track email opens or clicks and the email interactions with the contact and account at any point of time


On average, each member at CODE Technology saved 8 hours a week using Ebsta Inbox. Based on the paid work-time that was saved by each member, CODE Technology now saves $1,350 each week.

CODE Technology invested with Ebsta, paying $30 per user per month, equating to a total of $150 per month. However, they saw a return of $3,150 per month.

Instead of manually updating and logging all activities into Salesforce, CODE team can now enjoy more time closing more deals, while seeing an increase in their ROI.

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