How Ebsta Helped SonoSim Increase Their Close Rate

SonoSim creates an easy-to-use, portable answer for online ultrasound training that is perfect for physicians, nurses and sonography students.


The Leadership Team at SonoSim needed to monitor performance metrics of their Sales Reps.
This was difficult as the Sales Team worked independently throughout the US in scattered time-zones.
SonoSim required a solution to capture all Salesforce activity in order to track and improve team performance.

Ebsta serves as a critical business tool to track our sales team engagement

Without Ebsta, we would be completely in the dark on whom our remote Sales team is engaging with and how they’re working.

Brian Bernstein

Director of business intelligence, sonoSim


Ebsta Inbox was synced with Salesforce, allowing users to automatically view all engagement and edit Salesforce records directly from a mailbox.
Additionally, both sent and received emails are easily logged into Salesforce allowing users to report on all activity metrics, creating transparency across the organization.
Ebsta brought the power of Salesforce to where the Sales Reps were spending most of their time – Gmail – and provided a suite of sales enablement features to boost productivity.


After subscribing to the Ebsta Inbox product, SonoSim has successfully increased their close rates and improved company collaboration and overall communication.
Sales Reps were now able to work smarter; by prioritizing follow-ups with recipients that opened their emails, save more time with direct access to Salesforce templates, and cater to busy client’s schedules by utilizing the Ebsta Schedule Meeting Tool.
The Ebsta tools have allowed SonoSim to efficiently scale its business and deliver ultrasound education and training worldwide.


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