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ESP Legal dramatically reduced admin hours by using Ebsta for Bullhorn


Saved per recruiter per yearly in admin hours

86.5 hours

Saved per recruiter per yearly in adding new candidates

29 Hours

Saved per recruiter per yearly in updating customer resumes

The Challenge

ESP Legal spent a majority of their time sourcing their candidates in LinkedIn and Dice.

LinkedIn was used to update candidate profiles and confirm where candidates were currently employed.

They were looking for a solution to quickly identify:
• If someone already existed in Bullhorn
• Have one-click access to candidate records
• Understand if there were any past activities/communications
• If a candidate had a Resume attached
• Any outdated candidate information, including contact details, employment history etc.

Chris Hildreth

“As a hands-on working President and Founder, being efficient is critical to my personal success, and as we’re a smaller company, it is even more important that I provide tools that make our staff more effective, so that we can compete with National Staffing Firms in our Niche.”
– Chris Hildreth, President & Founder



Ebsta for Bullhorn was installed across the business, giving all users the visibility to:
• View candidates documents and Resumes
• Stay abreast with the most up-to-date candidate contact information
• View key insights, such as activity history, tasks, notes, and the company the candidate was associated with


Here are some of the stats that ESP Legal has found (per recruiter/per year):
• Entering new candidates into Bullhorn saves 86.5 hours
• Updating Resumes of Existing Customers save 29 hours
• Editing records via Ebsta saves 7.5 hours
• Entering notes via Ebsta saves 5 hours
• Checking to see if a candidate exists in Bullhorn saves 7 hours
In total, 135 hours is saved per recruiter per year, which equates to 3.5 weeks a year!


Founded in 1996, ESP Legal is a top legal technology recruiting firm by specializing in connecting law firms with the best legal technology talent.


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