RMP Enterprise doubled their customers base using Ebsta

The Challenge

Before Ebsta, RMP Enterprise did not have a holistic view of how their commercial teams were engaging with clients and prospects.

Due to this, the client contact information was not reflective of which clients were engaging with the sales teams, thus losing valuable time.

The team was constantly inundated, and could not manually update Salesforce records. As a result, deals were at risk as prospects were not getting enough attention.

Instead of working as a team to target a list of prospects, sales teams were working in isolation and targeting the same prospects.

Ebsta provided RMP Enterprise with the Team edition, enabling sales teams with complete transparency across all client engagement, ultimately improving the team’s productivity and reducing churn.

Abbie Morris


“We’ve doubled the amount of new & returning customers. My team is now able to focus their time on prospect and client engagement”
– Abbie Morris, Expert in Early Talent Attraction, RMP Enterprise


The Approach

Teams were able to capture a wider view of all client and prospect engagement and to focus more effort into reaching out to the right prospects and liaise with more clients.

Better relationships were created with the right contacts from prior interactions, to create a stepping stone for warmer conversations.

A Standard subscription allows users to automatically update Salesforce records with the most up-to-date contact information, all mailing lists were constantly updated with missing contact and lead records, phone numbers and job titles, enabling the sales teams to send out emails to the right people.

The Result

Rate my Placement has doubled their amount of new and returning customers on a yearly basis. Additionally, the time wasted and the administrative burden was removed, enabling teams to focus more on prospecting and closing more deals.

They now own a mailing list with an additional 700 contacts, with the latest contact information of all clients and prospects.



RMP Enterprise is a graduate recruitment agency focused on providing guidance and opportunities for young people when leaving university.


Piano House, 9 Brighton Terrace, Brixton, London, SW9 8DJ



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