Salesforce Productivity

A Guide to Using Reporting Snapshot in Salesforce

This meant I couldn’t access any historical data because it had all been overwritten.

Sales Productivity Metrics You Need to Know

In a recent survey, we asked Sales Ops experts about their best sales metrics to track rep productivity.

How to Track Sales Performance While WFH

Since February 2020, the outbreak of COVID-19 has created a paradigm shift for the global economy. The latest pandemic has put a massive number of people all around the world in isolation or prompted them to practice social distancing. These times are unprecedented, and every Sales Leader is having to adapt fast to two primary challenges at the same time : (i) reassessing their market and value proposition during uncertain economic times (ii) empower their teams to thrive whilst working remotely As the feeling of uncertainty and insecurity sets in, fewer clients are willing to finalize deals in order to…

5 Tips for Managing Employees During a Crisis

In response to the uncertainties presented by Covid-19, businesses around the world are now adapting to remote working. While 70% of people globally already work remotely at least once a week, these new policies leave many employees – and their Managers – working out of the office and separated from each other for the first time.  Although managing a remote team comes with its own unique set of challenges, with the right tools, the help of technology and defined procedures, managers can overcome these obstacles.  Here’s 5 tips for managing a remote team during a crisis and how to set…

The Ultimate Email Tracking Guide for Recruiters

85% of recruiters rely on email as their top channel to contact and build relationships with talent. Email is still number one. Your inbox is constantly filled with résumé and communications with potential new hires as well as clients looking to fill positions. Recruiting top talent typically involves going back and forth via email with applicants, so it’s important to know if the recipient is viewing and responding to your emails. Email tracking is important for Recruiters in order to see if their outreach is successful. Just as email Marketers track their open rates, Recruiters should do the same with…

How to Successfully Work Remotely in Sales

The novel coronavirus has killed almost 2,800 people in China, as of Thursday, 27th February, and there are over 81,000 confirmed cases worldwide across 40 countries, with 36 confirmed cases in the UK. As the COVID-19 virus spreads across other parts of Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, major companies like Microsoft, Hitachi and Chevron are asking their workers to work remotely as a measure against the rapidly-spreading disease. Remote work is quickly gaining momentum, as the coronavirus may force this transition more quickly than expected. But remote work does come with its challenges, especially in terms of workforce engagement….

How To Engage With More Prospects Through Ebsta’s Cadences

Reaching out to your prospects can be pretty tricky. It���s hard to make yourself heard through all of the noise. Similarly, it���s expected that the average number of sent and received business emails per person a day is 121, which means that people are swamped with emails. Needless to say, salespeople have a really hard time trying to reach their target audiences and be noticed. We all know that first impressions are the most lasting, but this doesn���t mean that once you manage to capture your prospects��� attention, you can rest on your laurels. Automate your outreach Automating sales outreach…

Top 5 Highlights From Dreamforce 2019

With 171,000 registered attendees, 2,700 different sessions and 13 million online viewers, Dreamforce was back with a bang in 2019. Here are our the top 5 highlights from the event: 1 – Einstein Can Now Talk To You Salesforce are jumping on the voice train… Einstein, their general AI engine can now receive audio commands and respond with data pulled from the CRM: In a live demo during the opening keynote, Chief Scientist Richard Socher calls a car rental business to extend his rental over the weekend. Einstein was able to answer (as the customer support assistant for the car…

Top 5 Salesforce Tools To Boost Productivity and Drive More Sales

Salesforce productivity is key to any successful sales operation. So why do so many companies fail to get their agents to perform to the best of their abilities?

6 Creative Ways to Build Sales Pipeline Today

Always be closing. Whether you’ve worked in sales for a day or a decade, you’re familiar with this mantra. But, experienced sales professionals know that closing a deal isn’t an isolated accomplishment. It’s the culmination of a series of business efforts. It’s the payoff of a relationship that took time to nurture into a sales opportunity. Our point here is this: If you truly want to always be closing, you must constantly have access to a strong sales pipeline filled with potential customers. Building sales pipeline is an ongoing task for sales professionals– something that needs to be tended to…