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Chrome Extension for Gmail and LinkedIn


LinkedIn Integration for Salesforce

Automatic cross-reference of Salesforce as you navigate LinkedIn delivering a snapshot view of the record stored in Salesforce. See what you colleagues are working on and identify deals at risk.(Essential/Growth Edition)

Update Salesforce from Anywhere

Salesforce content delivered to you where ever you work online. Maximise the value of the data you already have in Salesforce, minimise duplication and simply add and update records without leaving the environment you are in. Works on hundreds of websites including LinkedIn, Xing, Monster, Career Builder, ZoomInfo. (Essential/Growth Edition)


Calendar Sync

Keep your calendar synced between Gmail and Salesforce both ways and never miss a meeting. Ebsta’s Salesforce Calendar Sync works for all time zones and supports meeting updates, recurring and deleted events out of the box. (Growth Edition)

Add Email to Salesforce

Manually or fully automatically you can add all or any of your emails and attachments to Salesforce. With full control over which synchronisation rules and complex matching options including custom object support Ebsta provides market leading email synchronization. (Growth Edition)


Email Tracking

Track 100% of your email opens and clicks and know what happens after you send any email. Ebsta’s Email Tracking allows you to see if an email has been read, ignored, or never opened. Link clicks can be automatically tracked too. (Growth Edition)

Meeting Scheduler

Stop wasting time going back and forth to find a meeting slot. Ebsta’s Meeting Scheduler displays your availability directly to recipients. Benefit from a branded personalized booking page and use it on your social profiles, signature, email body and marketing campaigns. (Growth Edition)



Automated Email Campaigns

Send Drip campaigns using your Salesforce templates directly in Gmail. You can send automatically personalized communication to your customers and prospects.With Ebsta’s Automated Email Campaigns you can also set follow-up tasks in your CRM, analyze which emails or templates are the most successful and way more… (Growth Edition)

Gmail Send Later

Simply click on the Schedule icon you see in your gmail while composing an email and you will be able to schedule an email to be sent whenever you want. Gmail Send Later just makes you life easier. (Growth Edition)


Our team used to copy the names of prospects or their companies, open Salesforce in our browser and then paste and search the name. Ebsta eliminated the extra steps and provided us with a window into our pipeline, allowing us to spend the earned time back elsewhere.

Travis H, Sales Development Representative at


We work exclusively out of Salesforce and Gmail, and this app is a life-saver. It is just SO easy to link up our messages in Gmail with SalesForce. You can select specific cases, multiple contacts/accounts, and the sync is instantaneous. It totally removes the need to constantly toggle back and forth between email and Salesforce. Our team is in love. We’ve had Ebsta for years and will pay for them forever!

Nick Bencivenga, Chief Operating Officer at Dharma Merchant Services


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